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  1. Community share offer for electric vehicle chargepoints enters last week

    General Charging Discussion
    A share offer to help expand the charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) in Lancashire is coming to an end on 31 March. The money is being raised by Charge My Street, a community benefit society that installs and maintains public EV chargepoints – all funded through community share offers...
  2. 2020 budget

    General EV Discussion
    Rumours are that the budget on the 11th will drop the grant down to £2500 (from £3500). Not so certain to happen, is a call from the SMMT to drop VAT on electric vehicles... Just ordered (7th) a new Zoe to lock in the grant but... if they did drop VAT does anyone know what my rights would be...
  3. Budget day *may* get pushed back

    General EV Discussion
    I see Grant Shapps has indicated that the budget planned for 11th March may be delayed to give the new Chancellor time to prepare for it. If the Government are thinking of scrapping the PICG at the budget his could be good news for those of us still waiting for our EV delivery date...
  4. EV conversion companies and choice of conversion for "fun" second car

    General EV Discussion
    Can anyone point me in the direction of a reliable recent list of companies which carry out professional conversions of cars to EV's in the UK, the Midlands would be even better. I live in Worcestershire, any links or PM's would be appreciated. When you google "UK EV conversion" you come up...