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  1. (Minor) Average Speed Bug / Inaccurate Average Speed

    Renault ZOE
    Cleared all the trip meters a few days ago, done a little mileage here and there (2.4 miles).. Went to a supermarket last Sunday and while I was there topped up. After the store closed (Sunday trading law) and with no perishables in the car I waited for the final percent.. when I spotted the...
  2. EV Conversion and Vocational Training

    Ice Breakers
    A lot of people seem ready to take the plunge and go for an EV. But are the auto mechanics ready? Check out our kickstarter project that will prepare training packages for mechanics, vocational schools, and convert a Land Rover Defender and VW bug, worst case scenarios so to speak, to EV...
  3. Radio randomly going silent

    Renault ZOE
    At least once a week my Zoe's radio cuts out for about 20 seconds. Sometimes, when it comes back on again, a "traffic announcement volume" box pops up on the screen for a few seconds, as if it's just been trying to play a silent traffic announcement. Any ideas how I can stop this? I've checked...
  4. DBT AC charging bug

    General Charging Discussion
    It seems that the DBT bug relating to not spotting a disconnected AC charging vehicle still happens, even with the Electric Highway software, and emergency stop doesn't work. I guess that in normal working hours, the people in the Electric Highway office probably spot these, and get the units...