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  1. Electric Cars Trader - Buy and Sell your EV/PHEV free today!

    General EV Discussion
    Hey guys, We have made a EV and PHEV only market place for owners and future owners to buy and sell their cars using EV specific information such as range, battery size and charging capabilities. When looking for EV's ourselves there was nowhere telling us how far you can go or what size the...
  2. GTE Actual Performance

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi guys, Thinking of maybe buying a nearly new GTE. My heart is telling me to go for it, but my head is saying they are expensive and I could get a "premium" brand for the same money - although the GTE comes with a lot of features that bump the price of a similarly specced "premium" brand WAY...
  3. 2nd Hand Buying Advice - Low Mileage 3.3 charger or Higher Mileage 6.6? (Same Price)

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi, I'm a newbie on here, but have been keenly following Nissan Leaf sites for a while. My 16 year old Vauxhall Agila failed its MOT last week (a list of faults as long as my arm) and so I think the time is right to dip my toes in the EV waters. I was hoping for some advice. There are three...