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  1. Zoe50 charge cable

    Renault ZOE
    Received a new cable from EV Onestop today, plan being to use one locked up permanently on the wallpoint and keep the other in the car for public charging. What surprised me is the official cable length turns out be nearer 7m, and it is significantly more chunky and weighty, to the point of...
  2. Using a threephase cable with an Singlephase OBC 7kw

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I just bought the new Peugeot e-208 and as standard it included an on board charger of 7kw singlephase. There was an option for 11kw OBC 3phase but didn’t opt for it. Now, I am planning to buy the cable. Does a threephase cable make a difference compared to a single phase cable, given that...
  3. Mennekes Type 2 32A 3-phase Cable Swap

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    I have a Mennekes Type 2 to Type 2 (Mode 3) 32A 3-phase 7.5m straight cable (no. 36130) that came new from MB Temple Fortune when I bought a used approved B250e (2016 MY) in late 2018. I find that it is too long for my needs and I'm looking to swap mine for a Mennekes coiled version between 4 &...
  4. Travelling in France with a Leaf 40

    Nissan Leaf40
    This summer we're going to be travelling through France with our Leaf 40, and I'd like to ask if there any up to the minute tips anyone can give for such a trip. I've seen there are Chademo rapid chargers around, with an attached cable, but I've noticed some of them have a Chademo option with...
  5. Nissan Leaf EVSE and type 1 to 2 (5m 32a) for sale

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    I have the granny cable (type 1 to three pin plug) in the original bag and an EV Connectors type 1 to type 2 cable, also with bag. Ive lost my leaf so no longer need them :( any sensible offers welcome - based in the midlands. Thanks.
  6. Charger backend cabling info

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi - new here, sorry if discussion topic already exists! Looking to installing some EV charging equipment for a business but want to make sure that I’m not getting ripped off by contractors bidding to do the work. When it comes to the cabling connecting to the building’s power, are there...
  7. For Sale Type 2 Cable, 5m 32A Single Phase

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    I’ve sold my EV so this is surplus to requirements. It’s a 5m Type 2 to Type 2 cable made by EV Charge King. This was very expensive to buy originally and is of great quality. It’s single phase and rated 32 Amps. It’s this one...
  8. For Sale Like new Mitsubishi charging cable w/case and gloves £150

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    I got this charging cable with my Outlander, but kept it when I sold the Outlander since I thought I might use it with my Kia Soul, but I have only used the cable that came with the Kia so this is surplus to my needs. It has been used a couple of times and shows basically no signs of use. The...
  9. What extension cable please

    General BMW EV Discussion
    Hi All New here, have just got bmw 530e which came with the portable charger with 3 pin but is does not reach my plug socket Can anyone advise what cable to buy, I need another 10meters Ta
  10. Cables and plugs

    Nissan Leaf40
    Do any of you guy's have a link to but just the Type 2 cabled plugs and sockets (on their own, without wire/leads) please? With regards to the cable/flex, anyone know how many cores/conductors for 7kW charging on single phase please? Also, I'm assuming the cable would be three large conductors...

    General EV Discussion
    Heloo i would like to add mirror/android auto for my r link on zoe 2014 but u need to modify the obd cable per instructions. where can i buy a pre modified cable alredy? or is there a specifc obd cable name u need to type on ebay to purchase it. thanks
  12. Sold £125 I-Miev 3 pin charger + T2 adaptor cable

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    £125 FOR BOTH CABLES AS DETAILED BELOW. Sold as seen in attached photos and as described below: I no longer have my I-Miev and don't need these charging cables. Both items are working perfectly fine. (1) 3-Pin plug charging cable Is from my 2009 I-Miev. Has been well used and the hard plastic...
  13. Charging Override Interrupt Occurred

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Having been flushed with success at fixing the charging problem caused by low coolant level for the main batteries.... the wife called today to say that the car had not charged over night and that there was a chirruping sound coming from outside. There is also an error message saying "Charging...
  14. Making up my own type 2 cable

    General Charging Discussion
    My plan is to have the charger (untethered) inside the garage with the potential to park new I3 (end of May) outside it on adjacent parking space too. Needs a cable hole through the soffit. I would rather have a finger sized hole for just the cable rather than a tin of beans shaped hole to...
  15. For Sale Genuine Renault Zoe granny charging cable

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Zoe is now going back so my genuine Renault granny charging cable is up for sale. Complete with instruction leaflet, carrying bag and original cardboard box! Used a few times over the last two years, works perfectly. If anyone here wants it, then first to pay £275 including postage to UK, or...
  16. Genuine Renault UK 13A charging/ granny cable for sale

    Renault ZOE
    Lead and original bag. Want £350 for it please. PayPal or bank transfer. Postage included.. UK only. Never used. Bought for emergency back up.
  17. OEM 3 Pin Granny Lead For Sale

    General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    Two years old, but was only used a couple of times and comes complete with carry bag. £350 + shipping. If you're local you're welcome to come test it. Based in Preston. Images to follow.
  18. Passat gte charging kw?

    Volkswagen Passat GTE
    I know that the Passat GTE can only take 3.7kw max during a charge but can you connect it to a higher kw charger and the car will regulate it so that it doesn't damage the battery. I am using eurotunnel and the type 2 charger there is 43kw. Can I use this and effectively it will just use 3.7kw...
  19. Additional Useful Cable To Have

    Volkswagen e-Golf
    All - I found myself charging over night at a friends house. The 3 Pin trickle charge cable etc that comes with the golf is quite short (less than 5 meters). i therefore needed to use an extension cable to reach the three pin plug at the back of their garage. I have decided to add a 15m...
  20. Wanted 32A type 1 to 2 Charge lead cable

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi there, I have recently joined the ranks of EV owners and am so far enjoying the experience! Pod point will be fitting my new 7kwh power point before long and I have decided to go for the one where I need to supply the cable. This I'm doing so I can 'futureproof' my installation with a Type II...