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  1. Car Net and WLAN not working

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    After 18 months of CarNet iphone app working fine it won't update car position or data since yesterday. Doesn't work on phone or on Web browser. Also when in the car I cannot connect my phone via WiFi to allow in car data connection. It sees my iPhone wifi but won't connect. The 'earth' symbol...
  2. Annoying things

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Similar but totally opposite to the "nice touches* thread, anyone have things which really annoy them about the GTE? (maybe there will be some good solutions to our greviences?) I'll start with one which really annoys me; Everynow and again (I assume when carnet gets a signal as mobile signal...
  3. It was bound to happen....

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Downloaded the latest update to CarNet app this morning. Bug fixes and improved functionality it said. Now showing adverts.....:(
  4. CarNet question

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi Sorry all this is going to sound like a really n00b question but I have read conflicting answers on how the car connects to the internet! My GTE is connected using a mifi unit when I am away from home, but it won’t last long without charge so have to turn it off when I go on holiday. It...
  5. Car-Net registration issues

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    Has anyone else had any issues registering a GTE on Car-Net? I'm using the iOS app. I get as far as it recognising my car, and asking for the mileage (in km), but then get an error message - "Car-Net account configuration incorrect".
  6. Car Net update- home screen vehicle status

    Volkswagen Passat GTE
    There’s been an update to the CarNet app on mobile devices and hallelujah! They’ve actually either listened to customers or engaged brains... but the app now defaults to showing you the vehicle status screen instead of.. erm... where you are standing.. well done VW! (Sigh). There’s been a small...
  7. Car-Net Mpg / Mi-Kwh Data available? POLL - (pls vote!)

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    JUST ADDED A QUICK POLL .. please please tick the box. Thx (y) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone tried to export your excel data in the wonderful Car-Net Web app recently? Seems like someone at VW has tidied the XLS sheet up a little, but a bit pointless...
  8. Clearing the windscreen and heating the car via Car-net

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    So I have Car-net communicating with the car (I think) but not quite achieving what I am asking it to do! 1) Via the Car-Net app I tap e-Manager then Air conditioning>Start (the button with the thermometer on it) the car receives a message but when I go to the car, only the A/C light is on, but...
  9. Golf GTE e-remote problems

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    My 2016 model has carnet and G&I plus all working. BUT the e-remote active functionality Is not working as is should. Can see doors locked, battery status and parked location, BUT cannot remotely activate charging, air con nor modify departure times. VWUK tell me they have no fix, and no date...