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  1. BYD Electric Van-T3

    General EV Discussion
    Hi all! Thoughts on my latest review on BYD's new electric van-T3? Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks in advance!
  2. One question for a school project, please help!

    General EV Discussion
    Hey y’all! A few years ago for a project I asked this same website a few questions and it was the highlight of my presentation, so here I am again. To anybody that drives an electric car or is purely interested in them 1. Do you think the recent boom in ev cars will be in history books 50...
  3. EV Research - Undergraduate Project

    General EV Discussion
    Hi everyone! I'm a Geography Undergraduate at the University of Sheffield and I am currently conducting research into the transition which will eventually be made from a regular fuel to an alternative fuel society. In order to do so I need to collect data from a range of target groups...
  4. A Survey Study into the social stance on electrical cars for Uni!

    General EV Discussion
    I am looking for people to fill an extremely short survey reguarding the social stance on electrical cars for my university work, I would appreciate any feedback and for you to share it where possible, while it is aimed primarily at people who do not own electrical cars, I feel like your input...
  5. EV Attitudes and perception survey

    Ice Breakers
    this survey is now complete

    General EV Discussion
    Hi i am a final year student studying business information management. I have created a questionnaire in order to develop an understanding of consumer behavior towards environmental friendly vehicles in the UK. I would be grateful if you can complete the questionnaire it will only take 1-2...
  7. Electric cars as getaway vehicles.

    General EV Discussion
    Do you think TPTB (The powers that be) purposefully keep driving range low on electric cars so that they can't be used as suitable getaway cars? The police would stumble across bank robbers in electric cars having naps at Trowell services, fast charger in place. I have often noticed that it...