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  1. New Tesla M3 Ordered

    Tesla Model 3
    All, apologies if this is written all over this board but it is not easy to find. I have just ordered a new Tesla M3 long range through work(cant wait for it to arrive) and I am trying to identify the best home charger to get. Now, I have reserached Ecotricity, Chargemaster, polar and Tesla...
  2. Buying used 2014 Zoe Intens

    Renault ZOE
    Hello everyone, since i have always been a fan of EVs, and my peugeot 206 just got totaled, i need a cheap car (gonna have to lease it). I live in Portugal, and im looking at the used Renault Zoe market here, i have my eyes on a used 2014 renault zoe intens with 30000kms, with batteries paid...
  3. Adding charging point on garden shed

    General Charging Discussion
    I recently got a Leaf and now I'm thinking about charging options. So far I've been using the granny cable with a 13A rated extension cable (screwfix) plugged into a recently installed outside socket which is on its own dedicated radial circuit. I just ordered a toughleads cable with inline RCD...
  4. PLEASE HELP - charging wallboxes

    General EV Discussion
    Hi everyone, My name is Riccardo Branca and I am a student at Politecnico di Milano, currently working on a research about electric vehicles charging solutions. I would really appreciate if you guys could fill in this very very short questionnaire. I promise is very short. It's about...
  5. Which home charger?

    General Charging Discussion
    Can anyone point me to a comprehensive list of currently available home charging options please? It seems that there sites dedicated to one particular brand of charger or installers who favour one or two different chargers. I could do with a round up of everything that is out there and all the...
  6. Pod Point Home Charger - What does it actually do?

    General Charging Discussion
    I have a Pod Point home charger in my garage. Before we had it installed we used the 3-pin cable to charge the Leaf. This got me thinking - what do the electronics inside the Pod Point actually do? There's a PC's worth of stuff in there, and as far as I was aware the Leaf takes care of timing...
  7. Home charger installation advice?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi. Just to be clear. I am currently saving for the purchase of an EV (smart ED 2017) and hope to make purchase early 2018. I have been thinking recently about the home charger installation. And any preparations I could make. I have heard many things that concern me regarding the install and...
  8. Invitation to our User Testing Evening

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello! :) We're holding a User Testing evening on the 2nd and 3rd Novemeber at our HQ in Old St, London. If you're interested in coming along read more information about the event and sign up here: Pod Point Labs User Testing Evening Invitation
  9. EV - Making it Work

    BMW i3
    With 1 month before new i3 I was discussing with work colleagues about EV's and it became very apparent the difficulties in rolling out EV's to the masses, for example, my colleague would love to go out and get an EV, but they live in a terraced house on a main road, with the only parking being...
  10. Survey on sharing home charging points

    Ice Breakers
    hi all! My name is Francisco and I am a software engineer within the automotive industry and an EV fan! I am new and I would like to share with the users of the forum an idea I had recently on the potential offer to share home charging stations and EV with other users. After I finished...
  11. Only showing 26 miles charge

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    When fully charged its only showing 26 miles and the gauge isn't showing full ... any ideas ?
  12. Norfolk newbie

    Ice Breakers
    Hi folks, I've just put down a deposit on a used 2014 Zoe - very exciting - and am looking currently looking at home charging options and could do with some help! As the car has had one owner I'm not eligible for the free Chargemaster point from Renault. I've been in touch with a local solar...
  13. Nissan leaf ev

    General Charging Discussion
    I have recently purchased a nissan leaf i have a standard wall charger which takes a long time to charge. So i contacted charge master and they quoted me £449 for the 7.5 kwh charge station. i wanted to know if it is best to just ask an electrician to do the wiring from my mains and insert a...
  14. i3 Charging before Off-Peak timer?

    BMW i3
    Ok, bit of a newbie question, i've had a bit of a Google and a look on the forum and apologies if I have missed this answer .... So, lovely i3, 4000 miles from new two in months (all part of the plan) all going swimmingly (brilliantly in fact, smitten!). The weather is getting colder so we are...
  15. UC Berkeley class project

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi There, I am Caroline, a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley. For the past 3 years I have researched optimization methods to charge/discharge Electric vehicles and integrate them safely in the distribution grid. For a class project I need to interview EV drivers to understand how you 'actually'...
  16. Berkeley class project

    Ice Breakers
    Hi there, I am Caroline, a grad student at UC Berkeley. For a class project, I study how new EV drivers charge their EV. If you have 1 min, please fill this short survey: Electric Vehicle Survey Thanks!!!
  17. UK EV drivers - a quick survey about your home charge point

    General Charging Discussion
    UK Electric Car drivers - here's super short survey (6 multiple choice questions) to see how satisfied you are with your home charge point. Would you recommend that brand to a friend........ Home Charge Point satisfaction survey
  18. Home Charger tripping out in the rain.

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi I have a Nissan Leaf (6kW) and and Rolec Wallpod 32Amp charger (with a tethered cable) on the front of my house. Charger Types | ChargedEV The car is parked and charged on my driveway. Often, in the rain, I come downstairs in the morning to find the wall unit has tripped out, resulting in...
  19. Plug in every night, or wait until the battery is empty?

    General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    Reading this post by @yoh-there here, I got to thinking that I have never found any definitive information with regard to charging lithium-based batteries. Are many small charges worse than one large charge? Which is more detrimental to battery life - the total amount of charges, or the total...
  20. Newbie question: charging at home

    General Charging Discussion
    I've just picked up my new Peugeot Ion and wonder how much it will cost for a full charge at home. I apologise if the answer is already on here, I'm sure if is, but I got distracted and kept reading all the posts instead of finding out the answer to my querie!