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charge infrastructure

  1. Bad weekend for a test drive in Scotland?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I just returned a Nissan Leaf 24kWh from a four day test drive late yesterday (Sunday afternoon), battery down to 11% with low power warning. Had tried two public chargers during the day with the CYC app, neither would start - phone support said their network had been exceptionally busy. Was...
  2. Want to learn from people who drive electric vehicles

    Ice Breakers
    Hi! I'm Susie, and I'm working with a small team to design innovative power solutions for electric vehicles. I'd love to talk to you and get some advice from you to understand the problems you have and how we might solve them. Let me know if you're interested in a quick call so I can pick...
  3. EV - Making it Work

    BMW i3
    With 1 month before new i3 I was discussing with work colleagues about EV's and it became very apparent the difficulties in rolling out EV's to the masses, for example, my colleague would love to go out and get an EV, but they live in a terraced house on a main road, with the only parking being...
  4. Participants wanted to test new on-street charging system

    General Charging Discussion
    Are you interested in the future of electric vehicle charging? We're looking for participants that are interested in electric vehicles to test our new product, char.gy. char.gy is an on-street charging solution, and it's coming to numerous London boroughs this summer. Unlike other charge points...
  5. I3 accessories

    Ice Breakers
    Hi All, I recently ditched my diesel for a used i3 (60ah Rex) and glad I made the change. I was and still am confused with parking and charging - if only it was a little more standardised to make it user friendly? Sorry if someone has already asked the question but would anyone be able to...
  6. BBC: Nissan lobbied UK govt for better EV tax incentives and charging infrastructure

    General EV Discussion
    Some interesting info tonight from the BBC's freedom of information request into Brexit deals promised to Nissan: ... the Japanese company suggested three noteworthy things: First, it proposes new requirements on councils to make sure there are enough electric car charging points: "the...
  7. Would you rent-out your home charge point?

    General Charging Discussion
    As EV owner you have two key roles, 1. you are a driver of your EV, 2. and the owner of your home/residential charge point. I have a question related to both your roles: - As EV driver, would you use residential charge points to charge your EV? - As Residential Charge Point owners, would you...
  8. Hello, we are Northants highways and are installing charging points

    Ice Breakers
    We are currently working on our Smart Corridors and want to know what people want from their points. What is important to you????
  9. POD Point CEO - Fully Charged Interview

    General Charging Discussion
    Bobby Llewellyn interviews POD Point CEO, Erik Fairbairn in the lastest episode of Fully Charged. Any comments and feedback welcome!
  10. UC Berkeley class project

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi There, I am Caroline, a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley. For the past 3 years I have researched optimization methods to charge/discharge Electric vehicles and integrate them safely in the distribution grid. For a class project I need to interview EV drivers to understand how you 'actually'...
  11. Berkeley class project

    Ice Breakers
    Hi there, I am Caroline, a grad student at UC Berkeley. For a class project, I study how new EV drivers charge their EV. If you have 1 min, please fill this short survey: Electric Vehicle Survey Thanks!!!
  12. Joining The Electric Nation Community

    General Charging Discussion
    We at Drive Electric along with our partner companies EA Technology and Western Power Distribution are running a new charging project named Electric Nation. This project aims to procure between 500-700 participants who will have their charging habits analysed using a free home smart charger...
  13. Ecotricity losing money from charging network, says Electric Highway MD

    General Charging Discussion
    Following on from all the chat about Ecotricity's price raise over the last few weeks, their MD has just released an interview saying how much money they were losing with the unsustainable business model. How do people feel about this now they've heard the other side of the argument? Check out...
  14. Who should build the chargers?

    General Charging Discussion
    Some of the car companies in the USA are building electric vehicles to satisfy a government mandate to build a zero emissions vehicle. There is no great motivation to sell the cars or, to support them with charging stations. But then again, there is Tesla and other companies that exist only to...
  15. EV HUB

    General Charging Discussion
    Has anyone seen this? What do you think? Take a look at EV HUB (@EVHUBUK): EV HUB (@EVHUBUK) | Twitter
  16. Calling for technical expertise: Grounding

    Renault ZOE
    I am looking for people who could assist in shedding more technical light on the required grounding and when/how Zoe dismisses it as inadequate. The next introduction may contain errors. I'd stand happily corrected, it is not my field of expertise, but I am intrigued how this works / should...
  17. Check out the 1st truly clean ev charging station.

    General Charging Discussion
    An innovative energy management guarantees to the user a 100% solar charge 24/7. Up to 8 EVs can charge simultaneously (motorcycles, cars, and even buses!). Located in Bastia, Corsica. Mise en service du Parasol de recharge 100% solaire
  18. Doing some research, opinions welcomed

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello to you all. I have just signed up to the forum as I am doing some research for a project I am working on that is looking at the future of EV's and in particular the charging methods available in the UK. I do not own an EV myself (yet) and would be very interested to hear what your overall...
  19. Greenway charger network in Slovakia — 10/10 for effort!

    Charging Locations
    I signed up with Greenway to be able to use their rapid chargers in Slovakia, and their jumping-through-hoops process was no more painful than any of the other myriad charging networks that we all have to contend with. <le sigh> I have to award them 10/10 for effort when it comes to keeping...
  20. Hello from a EV desert.

    Ice Breakers
    I'm planning to get a leaf later this year. The only downside is that North Yorkshire has no chargers except in York. I live in Scarborough and we have the grand total of 0! There is no demand say the council, so soon as ev numbers rise there'll be no demand for anyone to go to Scarborough.