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  1. Recommended membership for occaisional public charger use

    General Charging Discussion
    I have an EV (Nissan Leaf) on order, and am expecting to do the vast majority of my charging at home or work. However there will be a few cases a year where I'll need to charge on a public charger. What would be the recommendations for any network memberships etc to allow me to get access to a...
  2. ICE blocking charge point at Popham Sevices .....

    General EV Discussion
    So this bloke rolls up in a swanky Mercedes ICE outside the Starbucks at Popham Services on the A303 and ignores twenty or so empty spaces to park up in the Pod Point charging space. Then he gets busy on his laptop for an hour. The Pod Point sign is conspicuous and the space is asphalted in...
  3. Charging & the Budget

    General Charging Discussion
    Good news that there is to be a new fund for upgrading the EV charging infrastructure. I wonder how that will be dispensed? £400 million is pledged but half that has to come from the private sector. Budget 2017: Government unveils EV funding bonanza, confirms no new low carbon levies
  4. Want to learn from people who drive electric vehicles

    Ice Breakers
    Hi! I'm Susie, and I'm working with a small team to design innovative power solutions for electric vehicles. I'd love to talk to you and get some advice from you to understand the problems you have and how we might solve them. Let me know if you're interested in a quick call so I can pick...
  5. Would you rent-out your home charge point?

    General Charging Discussion
    As EV owner you have two key roles, 1. you are a driver of your EV, 2. and the owner of your home/residential charge point. I have a question related to both your roles: - As EV driver, would you use residential charge points to charge your EV? - As Residential Charge Point owners, would you...
  6. CYC Out of service list growing ?

    General Charging Discussion
    In the ' innocent ' early days of ownership I joined CYC ( GMEV ) and had occasionally used for a top up near a Gym I go to . That point & one nearest to it broke in January & are still out. Out of interest I checked today & the list of points current out of service on the CYC network is...
  7. What should I know before I buy a Mercedes B Class?

    Ice Breakers
    So I've been looking on autotrader and there are several decent looking b class EVs for sale. Having had a brief look on this site I have seen some worrying posts about Renault Zoes being hit and miss when charging. Is this something that effects the B class as well? How do you EV owners get...
  8. Ecotricity losing money from charging network, says Electric Highway MD

    General Charging Discussion
    Following on from all the chat about Ecotricity's price raise over the last few weeks, their MD has just released an interview saying how much money they were losing with the unsustainable business model. How do people feel about this now they've heard the other side of the argument? Check out...
  9. High cost to use new Cumbria charge network

    General Charging Discussion
    Dear All I know this topic is covered in another thread here but wanted to update you all on my efforts to bring the cost of using this new Cumbria charging network down to a reasonable level. As a local I dont need to use this as I can home charge my Leaf for less than 7p per KWh (night rate)...