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  1. What Charge Rate should I expect from a 50 kW Charge Point

    Renault ZOE
    I have previously charged at my local charge point from 15% to 50% in 35 mins, yet yesterday I put my Zoe on charge at the same point at about 30% and only appeared to be getting a 15 kW charge. Should the charge rate been more that 15kW?
  2. Chargers and heat

    General Charging Discussion
    I am in the process of getting ChargedEV to install me a chargemaster unit, but before they come to do the site survey I thought i would ask on here one big question, which affects where I site the charger. I will of course ask the engineer when he is here, but thought I would get others...
  3. Future of EV

    Ice Breakers
    Hey! We are students at the Glasgow School of Art currently doing a project about the future of electric vehicles and their charging stations. We were wondering what wishes and fears people had about the future of electric vehicles and their charging points?
  4. Request access to NissanConnect to demo technology for Electric Vehicles

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Greetings! I am Giampaolo and I represent an innovative start-up currently working on a piece of technology that will allow a faster and smoother transition to green transportation. We are preparing a demo for our clients and we would like to use a NISSAN LEAF as the preferred car for the...
  5. A new premium 7kW home charge point available to preorder

    General Charging Discussion
    A brand new company Andersen EV is taking pre-orders for a very stylish home charge point available in different colours and configurations. Below are a few pictures from their website Premium Home Charge Points For Your Electric Car | Andersen Disclosure: I do not own the product myself, I am...
  6. Would you rent-out your home charge point?

    General Charging Discussion
    As EV owner you have two key roles, 1. you are a driver of your EV, 2. and the owner of your home/residential charge point. I have a question related to both your roles: - As EV driver, would you use residential charge points to charge your EV? - As Residential Charge Point owners, would you...
  7. Where do people charge and why?? tell me your experience!

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi all on this great Forum, I am thinking of buying a Full Electric Vehicle: I have shortlisted the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf). I have three questions I would like to all people owning and driving an EV. Where do you usually charge your electric vehicle? Is there a particular reason you use...
  8. Back in Time to the Age of Fossil Fuels

    General EV Discussion
    OK, now I have an electric car but, I need an one hour charge at work to get safely back home. There are no public chargers in the area and my electric cord has been identified as a "tripping hazard" at work. I have only one practical option left, carry a small generator and burn about a pint of...
  9. Citroen C-zero charge rate

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I am hiring a c-zero in two weeks and I wondered if the c-zero is able to charge on a 22kw charger or if it tops out at 7kw and how long it takes to charge on these chargers? Thank you for any answers Sam
  10. What should I know before I buy a Mercedes B Class?

    Ice Breakers
    So I've been looking on autotrader and there are several decent looking b class EVs for sale. Having had a brief look on this site I have seen some worrying posts about Renault Zoes being hit and miss when charging. Is this something that effects the B class as well? How do you EV owners get...
  11. EV Tiger: a new P2P EV charging app

    General EV Discussion
    Hi EV owners, My business partners and I are in the early development stage of a new EV charging app called EV Tiger (some have called it the "Uber of the EV charging world"). EV Tiger allows charge seekers to charge their vehicle at another user's house while there is an unused space and...
  12. eVolt October

    General Charging Discussion
    As of this month we have altered our pricing structure and are now offering the eVolt from £199 + VAT. Car Chargers | EV Charging Stations | The Phoenix Works We are also offering the eVolt with dynamic load management which is perfect for any home with demand issues or those looking for a...
  13. Rolec - Do They Hold Onto the Plug?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi guys. Apologies if this has been asked before. I'm to have a Rolec home charge point installed next week. I'm wondering do they lock onto the type 2 plug when charging in the same what that the car does - only letting go of the plug when it's removed from the car at the other end.
  14. UK EV drivers - a quick survey about your home charge point

    General Charging Discussion
    UK Electric Car drivers - here's super short survey (6 multiple choice questions) to see how satisfied you are with your home charge point. Would you recommend that brand to a friend........ Home Charge Point satisfaction survey
  15. Home charging point

    General Charging Discussion
    I was thinking whether to install 3.7kw or 7kw home charging point Home Electric Car Charging Points | POD Point The car I'm hopefully going to buy is 24kw model without the 6.6kw charging board. The question is whether I should be paying £95 extra to get the bigger charging point or don't...
  16. EV Charge Point Promotion - Socket September

    General Charging Discussion
    For anyone considering getting a domestic charge point installed take a look at our new promotion. Get a socket charge point and receive any 5m lead for £80. Get your orders in now for a September installation by clicking the link below: Car Chargers | EV Charging Stations | The Phoenix Works
  17. Hello from Aberdeen Scotland

    Ice Breakers
    We have had our BMW i3 REx for 3 months now and we are delighted with it. Due to a delay receiving our "off the shelf" stock BMW from Park Lane London - we were given the Demonstrator Vehicle over the Christmas period. This had the rear view camera. Our vehicle has the split screen Sat Nav...
  18. Rolec Home Charger

    General Charging Discussion
    I had an untethered Rolec charger installed the other day under the government OLEV scheme. I've forgotten what the installer said about whether it is single phase or 3 phase and I need to make sure I order the right charge cable. How can I determine whether its single or 3 phase? Are they all...
  19. Moving house. What to do with my Renault Zoe.

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I have a Jan 2015 Renault Zoe and love the car. I charge at home with the free charger installed by Renault and occasionally use Ecotricity motorway charging. However, we are looking to move and the house doesn't really lend itself to home charging as it is a town house and has separate...
  20. Charging maps & networks

    General Charging Discussion
    HI All, I'm new to the scene, expecting delivery of our Outlander PHEV in March. So, naturally, we've been looking into charging locations, prices, networks etc and bugger me, it's confusing! There seems to be a few networks (I read the sticky post on networks) and various charge maps and apps...