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charge points

  1. Driving in Europe - Leaf 40

    General EV Discussion
    After multiple trips to the north of France/Belgium, I thought I would share my experiences. Travelling from Wiltshire, the first task was to get to the ferry in Dover. In Summer this can easily be done with one-stop but in Winter this means two stops. I easily lose 20-25 miles in winter vs...
  2. Smart Charge Points

    General Charging Discussion
    How are the new smart charge points going to work in practice? E.g. if a car needs 10 hours of charge to be full and the DNO decides it will only give it 7 hours overnight will it fail to get to work the next day because, by the time the owner is up to notice the shortfall, it’s too late to add...
  3. EV charging sites outnumber petrol stations for first time!

    Off Topic and Banter
    Did anyone read this News Item on Zap Map: see EV charging sites outnumber petrol stations for first time - Zap-Map What a dreadful example of ‘Fake EV News’! I can’t believe that a website serving the EV community would give such misleading information. The equivalence comes from the number...
  4. Frustrated Leaf Driver

    Ice Breakers
    We have had a Nissan Leaf for about a year but we are very low milage in part because we were not prepared too take the risk of being stuck somewhere and unable to charge the car. I don't understand why I need a RFID card or app for each network or to be signed up to each network. For petrol or...
  5. Please write to your local MP

    General EV Discussion
    This is my copy of the email I sent. Please copy and send to your MP and add your own comments. Please take time to watch the youtube clip. Dear Jonathan Lord MP I having recently purchased a fully electric car . I am now fully aware of the problem finding charging points in the UK and l would...
  6. Bristol / Southwest (and rest of UK) - Charge App development

    Charging Locations
    Hi All, I am a founder at a Bristol based startup in the process of creating an app that will help ease charge anxiety and provide a lot of benefits for EV drivers. We need EV owners views to assist with product development and who will also receive the opportunity to trial our solution. We...
  7. 120 mile return trip - charging advice please

    Renault ZOE
    I running a friend from Cheshire down to Birmingham to collect a R240 Zoe that he has just bought. Neither of us are familiar with the Zoe and were wondering if the Ecotricity charge points on the M6 will charge the car at more than 7Kw's. If these CP's are only 7Kw then we will be restricted...
  8. 3 phase domestic charge

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi all, I’m looking for advice on what are the best rates achievable from a 3 phase domestic supply, and what unit to attach it to? I have a Model S on order, and curious whether to get the Tesla Wall Charger or a n other. Thanks in advance.
  9. European Travel in the Soul EV

    Kia Soul EV
    Hi Guys, I had wondered if anyone has taken their Soul across to mainland Europe? My friend has suggested that we do a road trip next spring taking in France, Germany and Italy. Nothing is set in stone as yet but the Kia's limited range means a lot of planning would have to go into this if it...
  10. How good is the sat nav at finding working charging points?

    First Generation Ioniq
    So can we rely on the Ioniq's sat nav to find working charge points? Does it update with information on whether the points are out of service?
  11. Our new home chargers

    General EV Discussion
    Hi, my name is Chris, the owner of EV chargers direct ltd a new UK company we have two new chargers coming to market in the next couple of months please see the photos attached of one installed at my house. just wanted some feedback on the unit if possible?. its: mode 3, type 2 socket, built...
  12. Can anyone in Cheshire add their support for OLEV on street charging grant?

    General EV Discussion
    Hello, what are your thoughts on the OLEV charging scheme for EV owners without off street parking? We have recently purchased a second hand Nissan leaf we love the car and it is perfect for our needs. We don't have off street parking. It is not too much of a problem for now as we can charge at...
  13. Free site surveys

    General Charging Discussion
    Just a quick note to say we're changing the way we're doing things here at The Phoenix Works to help our customers start charging their cars quicker. We now offer free, no obligation, site surveys.This will make the process smoother for you and means an experienced electrician will be able talk...
  14. Across the Mersey...

    Ice Breakers
    Based in Liverpool just looking into getting first full EV thinking Nissan Leaf but conscious there's not that many charge points in Liverpool. What are people doing to get round this - just charging from home?