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  1. Charge Your Car App vs Card - Scotland

    General Charging Discussion
    Just wondering, I'm always a bit paranoid about loosing my Chargeplace Scotland card, and also considering the slight convenience of using the app instead to start/stop charging. But I wanted to know, how do I actually do that, I haven't found any obvious instructions, is it a case of opening...
  2. Here's what the Chargemaster acquisition of Elektromotive means for Charge Your Car

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello all, As you've probably heard the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have given Chargemaster the go ahead to acquire Elektromotive, the parent company of Charge Your Car. Here is what Charge Your Car customers need to know about the acquisition: There will be no interruption in the...
  3. Charge your Car mobile accessible web page

    General Charging Discussion
    It seems that thanks to the work they're doing on Chargeplace Scotland, Charge your Car are working on an improved, mobile-accessible web site. CYC Mobile It looks like you can do remote starts on this web site, which you can't on the main web site (which brings the functionality that...
  4. In defence of the Electric Highway

    General Charging Discussion
    Well, over the past 3 days I've driven over 600 miles in the LEAF and the Electric Highway has been faultless. No queues and I got a charge at every attempt. The only issue was one of the units at Hilton Park had no data connection but the fallback allowed a free charge without needing the...
  5. Should I install a charging station or just 240 v outlet?

    General Audi EV Discussion
    Audi provides a 110 v and 240 v plug with their e-trons, which gives owners some options. The charging station is just for looks IMO. My 2 car garage is a typical one, with stuff all over the place. But it is clean enough to have both cars parked inside and a bit of room to get around. So, I was...
  6. Apple Pay?

    General Charging Discussion
    As our car charging is normally initiated by RFID cards supplied by the various networks, I wonder if the networks will ever enable use of Apple Pay and similar payment systems. My wallet is bulging with charge cards, loyalty scheme cards, various passes etc etc and got me thinking, it would be...