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  1. Chargemaster wall point

    General Charging Discussion
    I've always been told that people are more likely to complain than praise but looking at reviews for the chargemaster wall point; are they really as bad as the reviews would imply? Getting a free 7kw point through Renault but wondering if I'm better paying out of pocket and going with someone else?
  2. Chargemaster - issues with scheduling

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi...I'm very new to EV's but absolutely loving my Leaf 40. However, I am struggling with trying to schedule the Chargemaster charging point. I appreciate that I can set charge timer within the Leaf but I shouldn't really be having problems with the schedule on the charging point. I have two...
  3. Is premium BP Chargemaster unit worth the extra £ for data collection?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi folks, I’m picking up my used Renault Zoe 20 this week and am very excited :)) I’m selecting a home charger and think I’m leaning towards the Pod Point. I was wondering if anyone had purchased or had any views on whether paying for the data collection feature on the BP Chargemaster premium...
  4. Wanted Chargemaster Type 2 untethered - defect unit / housing wanted

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hello together, I am looking for a defect Chargemaster unit with Type 2 socket. Hardware should be in a good state (housing, socket, wall-mount,...) while electronics are not required to function at all. Thanks for you offers or hints :-) cu, agerhard
  5. EV FAQ

    General EV Discussion
    Hello everyone, My name is James and I am posting about the new site I have launched; www.electricvehicleexpert.com The aim of the site is to try to help the transition to electric vehicles by providing the information and answers to all topics around electric vehicles. I have started this...
  6. Two is better than none

    Charging Locations
    A Rapid and 2 socket 7kW post in Dunstable, but only two parking spaces. Hard luck if a 3rd car pulls up, Could be a problem if 2 are using the 7kW as this locks out the Rapid. One has to wonder at the installer who did this. Note - doesn't really matter as the Rapid is a DBT and has been...
  7. Polar Plus referral program

    General Charging Discussion
    Just noticed in my Polar Plus account that they now have a referral program which will earn each member £10 if they are still a member after the free trail. If any one want to partake in this, please PM me your email address and I'll arrange the referral. Cheers Dan
  8. Bedford - major EV charging expansion

    Charging Locations
    Just received this in a council newsletter:
  9. Polar Plus Customer Services

    Ice Breakers
    Does anybody suffer at the hands of Polar Plus customer services. I called them to let them know that neither of the charge points were working in Brighton Marina. The one lady told me that they were broken and wouldn't be fixed. The 2nd couldn't understand English very well and refused to...
  10. Plug in car grant eligibility

    General EV Discussion
    [Sorry in advance if not posted in the right place] I've just placed an order on the new 22kw version of the Smart Fortwo EQ which i am very much looking forward to picking up in a few months. I just started to look online at getting a charge point for home installed, when i came across the...
  11. How Many Polar-Plus Posts Are "Free"?

    General Charging Discussion
    Got stung recently a month later from using a charger that I had gotten used to and had always been free (and Zap-Map said was free) to find it had gone chargeable. On one hand I know people scoff when I moan about a non-free charge-point, but I should point out that the "free" posts are part of...
  12. Home charger preperations?

    General Charging Discussion
    I am going to be placing an order for my first EV soon, and will be getting a 32A 7kw chargemaster point installed in my garage. I was recently thinking about the install of this, and have a couple of questions. 1 - Can a charge point be mounted to a timber building? All installs i have seen...
  13. London Borough of Enfield maintenance contract

    Charging Locations
    After I raised an issue with London Borough of Enfield via www.fixmystreet.com about a long-faulty (>2 years) chargepoint, and what was going to happen to it, I got this from them: Classification: OFFICIAL Dear Simon The Council has entered into a contract with Chargemaster PLC to replace...
  14. Home charger installation advice?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi. Just to be clear. I am currently saving for the purchase of an EV (smart ED 2017) and hope to make purchase early 2018. I have been thinking recently about the home charger installation. And any preparations I could make. I have heard many things that concern me regarding the install and...
  15. Chargemaster free charge point offer

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    Hello All First post here and excited to say I am picking up my new Outlander Phev 4h this Saturday. Now I have the reg I have applied for the free charge point offer Chargemaster Plc - For Home However, going into the details there are actually a couple of options for the unit to select...
  16. Two Charge Points at Home

    General Charging Discussion
    I currently have a socketed chargemaster point at home for my Zoe but i'm eligible for another Podpoint installation with my Leaf under OLEV to the same specification, is it worth having this? Apart from the benefit of charging two vehicles at once, which would be infrequent, is there any other...
  17. Renault Wall-Box 7.0kW vs 7.4kW?

    Renault ZOE
    Renault website says "Home Wallbox 7,4kW (32A) Included" and keeps referring to 7.4kW. Chargemaster site says it's a 7kW (30A) charger they provide. I have a feeling the 7.4kW measurement comes from back in the day of the British Gas home charger deal (and I believe Rolec have a 7.4kW / 32A...
  18. EV Experience Centre in MK

    General EV Discussion
    Hey Everyone! Apologies if this has gone into the wrong section of SpeakEV... I'm hoping that one of the moderators can move it if it has.. As some of you may know, we're launching the UK's first ever multi-brand EV Experience Centre soon. Full information on this can be found here...
  19. Chargemaster/Polar Home Charger Issues

    General Charging Discussion
    I have recently spent some time repairing one of these chargers. I will be posting some of the pictures and my observations The main issue with the early version is that one of the power supply capacitors (C63) was fitted the wrong way around, which lead to a gradual failure; fortunately...
  20. Norfolk newbie

    Ice Breakers
    Hi folks, I've just put down a deposit on a used 2014 Zoe - very exciting - and am looking currently looking at home charging options and could do with some help! As the car has had one owner I'm not eligible for the free Chargemaster point from Renault. I've been in touch with a local solar...