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  1. ENGIE acquires ChargePoint Services

    General Charging Discussion
    French utility ENGIE has today announced its acquisition of UK electric vehicle (EV) charging firm ChargePoint Services for an undisclosed sum, a move it said will help the and engineering giant "scale" its ambitions in the fast-growing EV market. The buyout sees ENGIE take control of...
  2. Chargepoint genie plan 200 new rapids in 2017

    General Charging Discussion
    I got this in my email: HAPPY CHRISTMAS To all our GeniePoint Customers! We hope to make Santa’s journey even easier next year in his electric sledge with our plans for more than 200 additional Rapid chargers being added to the GeniePoint Network in 2017. The GeniePoint sale has already...
  3. Chargepoint Genie tariff error

    General Charging Discussion
    I used a Chargepoint Genie rapid yesterday, that was supposed to charge £1.80 + £0.30/kWh, and I was undercharged. It only charged me a connection fee of £0.60 (and the expected £0.30/kWh) I double checked the signage and the map, after the receipt came through, I thought it was a pleasant...