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  1. Should I install a Chargepoint station or just use my 240v plug

    General Charging Discussion
    I've had a 240v plug installed in my garage for about 6 months now and I do enjoy the convenience of fully charging my e-tron in 2 1/2 hours. Recently I was fortunate enough to win (legitimately from ChargePoint themselves) a ChargePoint Home 25 (hardwired) 32A unit with a 18' cord. Should I...
  2. Suggest a charger location

    Charging Locations
    Thanks @Jack for suggesting I make a new thread for this. We've just launched a new feature on our site: Suggest a Charger Location This allows you to suggest up to five locations for rapid chargers. Zoom in on the satellite images and pin point the exact location (even the actual parking...
  3. Chargepoint Genie down

    General Charging Discussion
    well, sort of. They let their SSL certificate expire on their web site. As such, nobody with a decent web browser will be able to top up their account, or look at their charger map without jumping through hoops to weaken their security, and I guess that their mythical mobile phone app will...
  4. Source East - EValu8

    General Charging Discussion
    This may be of interest to anyone in the Source East region: Source East have just recently decided to work with a different operator in order to deliver a longer term and higher level of service to drivers. The implementation of this change has coincided with expiry of the current stock of...
  5. Source East to go PAYG?

    General Charging Discussion
    Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure | Latest news from ChargePoint UK It seems that everybody's second-least-favourite charging network provider are assisting Source East to transform their network. Their joint aim is to transform the Source East Network of EV charging infrastructure...