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  1. UK Charge-point options for 'Looped Supply'

    General EV Discussion
    Help.... We have an Audi E-Tron on order which is due to arrive in a couple of weeks and I have now stumbled across what appears to quite a common issue in regards to a 'Looped Supply' Our current scenario is detailed below, I'm really looking for some advice on what our options are as I seem...
  2. Invitation to our User Testing Evening

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello! :) We're holding a User Testing evening on the 2nd and 3rd Novemeber at our HQ in Old St, London. If you're interested in coming along read more information about the event and sign up here: Pod Point Labs User Testing Evening Invitation
  3. Two Charge Points at Home

    General Charging Discussion
    I currently have a socketed chargemaster point at home for my Zoe but i'm eligible for another Podpoint installation with my Leaf under OLEV to the same specification, is it worth having this? Apart from the benefit of charging two vehicles at once, which would be infrequent, is there any other...
  4. Charge points & NFC technology

    General Charging Discussion
    Here's something I don't understand, maybe because I'm a bit of a newbie to EVs. From what I read, there seems to be a plethora of different types of chargers, different amperages, different methods of payment, etc. I guess that is not surprising for something relatively new where there is no...