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  1. Citroen eC4
    I have an e-C4 with 11kW 3-phase AC on-board charger which works great on public chargers, pulling 11kW no matter what even when it's cold outside. DC works also fine. I received original PSA cable charger with my car for normal 1-phase charging from home outlet (we have 230V here in Czechia)...
  2. Home Charging Installation
    Hi All, I am thinking about getting an Ohme charger which only comes tethered. As I need a longer cable to reach the car I was thinking about connecting a Type2 extension cable something like this Gen3.2 Type 2 Extension / Type 2 charging cable Has anybody done this and does it work???
  3. Home Charging Installation
    Hello, I am looking to buy an EV but not sure if a home wall box will be possible. Our fuse box and meter is on the inside front wall of our living room. The car will be parked at the back of the house, over 70ft away from that front room. We have power going to the garage at the back but from...
  4. Kia Niro
    Delivery coming soon and just been informed that it will only include the granny charger, is this standard for this model? Thanks!
  5. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    My GOLF GTE recently stopped charging with the charger cable (220V-type2). It charges normally with the other cable. I was certain the cable was faulty. I took my car to service and they also couldn't charge it with a new replacement cable. They don't know what's wrong so they sent the data to...
1-5 of 5 Results