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  1. Tesla wall charger - opinions needed

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Hi all, I'm taking delivery of my Model 3 probably near the end of November or early December. I'm deciding which charger to get and I wondered if anyone has anything to say about the Tesla wall charger? I know it's not OLEV approved etc, which isn't a problem, but I can't seem to find much...
  2. Help with charging solution

    General Charging Discussion
    I am new to the EV scene. Just recently had a Rolec type 2,7.2kW, 5m tethered charger installed in my driveway but the cable is too short. What are the best options for me to change it to a 10m type 2 tethered cable? I got a quote from the company that installed it and it’s £200, which I find...
  3. Futureproofing for an EV Charger Install

    General EV Discussion
    Hello all, I'm after some advice from those with knowledge on EV Charger installs. Both my girlfriend and I believe we'll have an EV in the next couple of years We're about to start a house and garage refurb, including new consumer unit etc in house, and power for garage (via armoured cable...
  4. Supermarket/car dealer/etc destination charger network reviews.

    General Charging Discussion
    Please post up your preferred supermarket or other business destination charger network reviews here.
  5. Resetting a Rolec charger

    General Charging Discussion
    This morning my rolec charger didn't charge my car using the timer. I put this down to user error and was able to make use of a rapid to get sufficient charge for the day. On returning home on 12% I plugged in as normal and commenced charging but within a few seconds charging stopped. I...
  6. Your EV story?

    General EV Discussion
    Hello everyone, My name is James and I run a site that provides information about electric vehicles to make it easier for people to make that transition to an EV should it be right for them. In order to do this better, I hope to introduce a section which has real owner experiences of what its...
  7. 7kw home charger install - what supply is required?

    General Charging Discussion
    Post deleted. I was asking questions about the supply needed but it appears to have been sorted, and the charger install is going ahead.
  8. What is the maximum charge rate l could get on a 250e?

    General Mercedes EV Discussion
    What is the maximum charge rate l could get on a 250e? At home on a 7.2 kWh Rolec? On a public changing station? On this off market USA device which would invalidate the Mercedes guarantee ? Are there limits Mercedes have set? My 7.2 kWh is changing at around 16 amps so I think I’m...
  9. Home-built 3 phase charger

    General Charging Discussion
    My 94Ah i3 charging off my home-built 3 phase charger
  10. Getting Home Charging Point Explained

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi guys, could someone please summarise the steps needed in getting charging point installed? I know there are some discounts + government grant scheme, there is also a list of installers etc..but how and where to start? What to remember? What to consider and avoid? Could someone with a...
  11. Small company charging point install?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, As a soon-to-be BEV owner, and director of a small company, I've started wondering about getting a charge point installed at work. I have one employee who already has a BEV. Anyone done this? Does anyone know what are the costs/implications for the company, and the user would be...
  12. EV charging - Pod Point 3kW up to 6kW

    General EV Discussion
    I had a free Pod Point charger installed a few years back, which was fed with 2.5mm Twin & earth, so its capacity is around 3kW. I'm in the process of getting a different EV that has 7kW charging. Obviously I'd need to install a fresh bigger supply cable for the 6kW, however does anyone know...
  13. Technical Issue: Using 11KW charger with 7KW car

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi All, I'm thinking of buying an 11KW charger from Chargemaster and using it with a car which has 7KW onboard charger. A friend told me that it'll only produce 3.5KW since it will take only 1-phase of 16A. Is that so? The station's controller doesn't adjust the power output according to the...
  14. plugged in midlands rapid

    General Charging Discussion
    Is there any limit I can use this card on free rapids? have let someone else use it before now when their card would not work. If I was to have 2 ev's would I need 2 cards?
  15. Poole residents calling for charger removal

    General Charging Discussion
    Thought this one might be of interest to everyone. A car crashed into the bollards protecting the charger between two spaces and according to the local paper, residents have been asking for the charger to be removed. One man asking it to be removed and replaced with a loading bay. Personally...
  16. Charge point install preperation

    General Charging Discussion
    I'm going to be getting a rolec 7kw charge point installed soon, though I've not contacted them yet. The distance between the main CU and the garage is 30m. However the charge point location will need a further 5m of cable. The garage currently has power to it, but the cable is only 4mm and...
  17. Swapping a Leaf 1 for a Leaf 2 - Charger Pod Issue

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I have a 2017 30kWH Leaf and a tethered 7kW POD Point at home. I am upgrading to the 2018 40kWH Leaf and now find out that the new Leaf has a Type 2 charging socket in place of the Type 1 socket used on the old Leaf. POD want £270 just to swap the cable. I can buy a short 32A Type 1 to Type 2...
  18. Office Block Installation

    General Charging Discussion
    My partner manages a fairly large block of serviced and traditional offices and after all my talk of charging and charge points he has put it to his managers that he would like to get some EV charge points installed in the car park. In short it's a nice selling point for the offices and might...
  19. Lidl rebuild

    General Charging Discussion
    Got a letter through the door a few days ago from the Lidl across the street from me. They're buying the land of the two buildings next door to the current store, demolishing the existing store and building a brand new, larger and much more modern store to replace it. I remember seeing that many...
  20. Two tethered 16A leads on one home charger - possible?

    General Charging Discussion
    OK, so first things first - there is NO intention to use two leads to charge a car/cars at the same time. My charger is in the garage and has a tethered 5m lead. In winter that's fine, as the car is always put back in the garage every night. In the better weather, sometimes I'll be using the...