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  1. General Charging Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I'm considering buying an EV but have some hesitancy due to the hassle of installing a charger in the car park of my apartment building (currently no chargers there). I was wondering, for those who live in apartment buildings and have underground parking, how...
  2. Charging Locations
    We're looking for some of our EV Champions to come along with your EV and test the new chargers at Sport in Desford, LE9 9JU.We are doing a publicity video shoot on Tuesday 18th May at 1pm and would be pleased to see any EV owners then. We have 2 spaces available We're trying to get the word...
  3. General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I'm a newbie waiting for my first EV to be delivered. I ordered an e-niro from Kia towards the end of September 2019 and I've just had an email from the dealer estimating an arrival of June/July this year. :confused: I've seen so many reports of problems with chargers, smart meters and...
  4. General Charging Discussion
    What's the best way to find out about new chargers? How quickly do they appear on Zap-Map/Plugshare?
  5. General Charging Discussion
    Good Energy has bought a minority stake in Zap-Map with option to take majority in two years. Interesting article on future investments including Zap Pay. Latest news Archives - Zap-Map
  6. General Charging Discussion
    Hi, Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I did a search but couldn't find a related post. What app(s) do you use on your phone to find chargers? Thanks.
  7. First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Guide to Ampera charging. I thought I might put together a guide to charging Ampera at home and in the wild. 1/ Ampera charging system The Ampera supports a J1772 charging system, with a capacity of 16A or 3,3Kw, this means it does not support DC charging and takes about 4 hrs to charge from...
  8. General EV Discussion
    Hi - posted this elsewhere yesterday, but thought it might be of interest to those about to insure their EV: I found Plug Insure via ZapMap link and including my 9 year no claims bonus and including legal cover, courtesy car, vandalism cover, EU driving, (£300 excess), paid £274.00. Very...
  9. General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I'd like to start my post by asking, how many of you guys out there live in TMBC area please? Lets team up ! I wonder what's wrong with Kent boroughs, but TMBC mostly. There's virtually no support for local destination charging in Kent. Which, for a garden of England - is rather poor...
  10. BMW i3
    Have just been disapointed and let down buying a new Zoe, so looking at BMW i3 94 REX, I know there is no direct comparison between the two cars, and want to go down the road of PCP, with a trade in Circ £7.5K and large deposit, what is the rough PCP to expect, am a noob on these things, as I...
  11. General EV Discussion
    I know there are many on here who use Waze as their preferred sat nav. A long standing request has been to get charging points added to Waze. The folks who develop the app are influenced by the number of votes that each suggestion receives. Add Electric Charging station location info If you...
  12. General Tesla Motors Discussion
    15 * 7kWh chargers in Westfield Stratford car park today and all ICE'd except one
  13. Ice Breakers
    Here is a copy of an email I sent to the Welsh Assembly yesterday. I will keep you posted on any reply I get. "I am the proud owner of my first electric vehicle and I live in Wales. I see that Bristol is setting it self up to be one of the leading EV cities in the UK. I was wondering if...
  14. Ice Breakers
    I'm planning to get a leaf later this year. The only downside is that North Yorkshire has no chargers except in York. I live in Scarborough and we have the grand total of 0! There is no demand say the council, so soon as ev numbers rise there'll be no demand for anyone to go to Scarborough.
  15. General EV Discussion
    Hi, had a bit of a shock yesterday, though suppose I've been spoilt by all the free chargers still around? I went east from Brighton to visit Great Dixter garden - for a cheering up visit before winter really locks in. It's about 50 miles each way so discovered a Rapid charger in the otherwise...
1-15 of 15 Results