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charging at home

  1. Podpoint charging and fullycharged

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Just watched the following ... Very interesting (as all his videos are)... anyone got experience of this, is it worth installing one of these over using the cable supplied ?
  2. Dynamic EV Charging is coming – are you in? What do you think?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am conducting a study on the impact of EVs charging on the electricity network, and I have a question on Dynamic EV Charging. Dynamic Charging learns how and when you drive and ensures your car is ready to go when you need it for your daily commute, by smoothing out the peaks in...
  3. Participants wanted for new charging solution

    General Charging Discussion
    We're looking for participants that are interested in electric vehicles to test our new product, char.gy. We're offering £35 in M&S vouchers for around 45 mins of your time, plus you get to try out a new product early. Our office is located near Shoreditch High Street Station and Liverpool...
  4. Participants wanted to test new on-street charging system

    General Charging Discussion
    Are you interested in the future of electric vehicle charging? We're looking for participants that are interested in electric vehicles to test our new product, char.gy. char.gy is an on-street charging solution, and it's coming to numerous London boroughs this summer. Unlike other charge points...
  5. Would you rent-out your home charge point?

    General Charging Discussion
    As EV owner you have two key roles, 1. you are a driver of your EV, 2. and the owner of your home/residential charge point. I have a question related to both your roles: - As EV driver, would you use residential charge points to charge your EV? - As Residential Charge Point owners, would you...
  6. Tell me the one thing that could be improved to make life easier for EV owners!!

    General EV Discussion
    Hi everybody! I am considering to buy a Full Electric Vehicle. So far, I have read great things about EVs BUT I am here to get the viewpoint of all EV owners about what they think could/should be improved to make their life easier and their EV experience even better. Think about it! if you...
  7. Free Smart Charger with Electric Nation Project

    General Charging Discussion
    Electric Nation is seeking to recruit 500-700 people buying or leasing new electric vehicles (including pure electric and plug-in hybrids) to take part in a trial to ensure the UK can charge electric vehicles at peak times as the numbers of EVs rise. The trial will only take place in certain...
  8. Egregious software bug

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    I have the demonstrator version of the GTE (without car net). It has been upgraded to the recall specification. But still there is a glaring bug in the software logic. If you switch on the infotainment system after plugging in the charging cable in order to change the charging current, it will...
  9. Home overnight charging L1 or L2?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I have a Leaf and a home charger (openEVSE) which both support either L1 or L2 charging. When charging overnight would always charging at L2 (6KW) result in more wear on the battery long term than if I trickle chagrined at L1? Time is not really an issue since there is nearly always 10hrs...
  10. Location of junction box & meter

    General Charging Discussion
    My junction box is inside the house. Just recently the electricity company moved the meter from the same location to a box on the outside of the house. I read somewhere that OLEV installs only allow for a certain length run and one supplier said no lifting of floor boards etc. Can the...
  11. Electric current setup

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi guys, Reading through the recent threads in this forum, I realized that I have no idea how the electric current setting works in the GTE. So, there are two different places where you could setup el. current, one is for the instant charging, the other for delayed charging (embedded in the...
  12. What should I know before I buy a Mercedes B Class?

    Ice Breakers
    So I've been looking on autotrader and there are several decent looking b class EVs for sale. Having had a brief look on this site I have seen some worrying posts about Renault Zoes being hit and miss when charging. Is this something that effects the B class as well? How do you EV owners get...
  13. Charging in Bury St Edmunds

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, We've just taken the plunge and bought a used Model S after a long time thinking about various EV options! Very exciting!! We're in a bit of a home charging limbo at the moment as we're renting while looking to build our own house. We have a kind neighbour about 10mins walk away who is...
  14. Joining The Electric Nation Community

    General Charging Discussion
    We at Drive Electric along with our partner companies EA Technology and Western Power Distribution are running a new charging project named Electric Nation. This project aims to procure between 500-700 participants who will have their charging habits analysed using a free home smart charger...
  15. On street charging

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi all, I know that this thread has been raised before and in general the idea of charging the car without off-street parking is...well, not popular. However, even though I have a possibility to charge my new Leaf (happy face) at work, I am still playing with the idea of securing the cable...
  16. Home charging point

    General Charging Discussion
    I was thinking whether to install 3.7kw or 7kw home charging point Home Electric Car Charging Points | POD Point The car I'm hopefully going to buy is 24kw model without the 6.6kw charging board. The question is whether I should be paying £95 extra to get the bigger charging point or don't...
  17. Charging pole adapter questionnaire

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello people! My name is Koen Elands and I am a third year automotive engineering student at the Technical university of Eindhoven. For a project we designed an adapter on a charging pole which will be more energy efficient so it will reduce the costs of charging and it is better for the energy...
  18. Confused Newbie - please help!

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    Hi My hubby & I got our Outlander about a month ago, and we're a little frustrated & a lot confused! First issue is that we have only once got (what we consider to be) a full charge from charging at home overnight. About 2 days after we picked it up it read 32 miles range after a night...