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charging at work

  1. Tell me the one thing that could be improved to make life easier for EV owners!!

    General EV Discussion
    Hi everybody! I am considering to buy a Full Electric Vehicle. So far, I have read great things about EVs BUT I am here to get the viewpoint of all EV owners about what they think could/should be improved to make their life easier and their EV experience even better. Think about it! if you...
  2. BMW 225xe charging

    General BMW EV Discussion
    I'm due to take delivery of a BMW 225xe as a company car in around 5 weeks. (UK) We were going to install a standard 13A 3 pin socket at my workplace for me to charge during the day. What are the other options for charging that don't cost too much? Can you install/plug into a standard 16A or...
  3. No home charger.

    General Charging Discussion
    Hope some of you EV experts can help me. Iv been looking for a ev for sometime now. The nissan leaf is looking to be the best option for me,. 30kwh. I'll be using this for my 40 mile comute from chester. Some days I'll be required to use my car to visit a few local clients, no more than 100...