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  1. Chargemaster - issues with scheduling

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi...I'm very new to EV's but absolutely loving my Leaf 40. However, I am struggling with trying to schedule the Chargemaster charging point. I appreciate that I can set charge timer within the Leaf but I shouldn't really be having problems with the schedule on the charging point. I have two...
  2. Free Charging Stations for destination locations

    Charging Locations
    Hi all, Zero Carbon World have some single phase and three phase charging stations available for suitable destination locations (places with public parking and something to do while charging an EV) - so if you have a local destination/venue willing to install at their location (charging station...
  3. How our Home Charging Points are made

    Andersen Home Charge Points
    Hello Everyone, We are excited to now be back to the forum and are excited to share with you some great insight into home charging and the EV industry. We have created a short documentary on How our Home Charging Points are made and why they are worth every penny. Have a watch:
  4. EV charging point- in need of repair and out of warranty.

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, New to the forum and hoping for some help. I have a Polar, chargemaster vehicle charger at home for my Mitsubishi Phev. It's just over 4 years old as this is my 2nd Phev. It still has an amber light showing charge to the main unit and when I connect the cable to my car the interior car dash...
  5. Getting Home Charging Point Explained

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi guys, could someone please summarise the steps needed in getting charging point installed? I know there are some discounts + government grant scheme, there is also a list of installers etc..but how and where to start? What to remember? What to consider and avoid? Could someone with a...
  6. A new premium 7kW home charge point available to preorder

    General Charging Discussion
    A brand new company Andersen EV is taking pre-orders for a very stylish home charge point available in different colours and configurations. Below are a few pictures from their website Premium Home Charge Points For Your Electric Car | Andersen Disclosure: I do not own the product myself, I am...
  7. My Nissan Leaf journey is over :-(

    Ice Breakers
    Hi, I've had my Leaf for two years but as we are leaving the country shortly, it didn't make sense to extend my hire purchase :-( However, I have still got my home charging point and would like to sell it before I leave. Does anyone know of anybody who needs one? We are based in Sheffield...
  8. won't charge charging point

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    hello, i recently got a pre owned 2013 leaf and i was able to charge it fine last night and all morning. but for some reason at school today when i try to charge my car i get a notification from the station called "Charging Point" claiming "Your vehicle is drawing very little power and may be...
  9. Supermarket charging in Scotland

    Charging Locations
    When I was in Sunderland a few years ago (before I ever planned on buying an EV) I noticed an electric car charging bay at an Asda supermarket. Having just seen another thread about Morrison's charging bays, I'm wondering if my fellow Scottish EV owners have seen supermarkets with charging. This...
  10. Government debate on electric vehicles

    General EV Discussion
    Electric and hybrid car discussion in parliament on Wednesday 6th July. Some very interesting topics discussed with all ministers agreeing that more charging points need to be introduced throughout the UK. MP's also touch on intervention and requirements for local authorities to be 'obliged' to...
  11. Japan now has more electric car charge points than petrol stations

    General Charging Discussion
    Japan now has more electric car charge points than petrol stations Interesting reading
  12. Installing your own charger & Part P sign-off - anyone tried?

    General Charging Discussion
    Anyone done their own electrical work and then just had it signed off? So, I have a detached garage next to the house that has a basic 16A supply from the house Consumer Unit (CU) that is serving fine to charge the leaf on a granny lead. I want to get at least a permanent charger installed (32A...