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  1. Wales charging points

    Charging Locations
    Hello, I'm a journalist for BBC Wales, I am looking to hear people's experiences of trying to charge their electric cars in Wales - during trips out, visiting parts of Wales or just as part of daily community. I have looked on the map and see that Mid Wales has a lack of chargers. I was...
  2. Article on EVs and charging infrastructure - journalist request

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, I am a reporter on the business desk at the Daily Mail newspaper. I am working on a piece about the UK's EV charging infrastructure and how easy it is to use. I'm keen to hear from as many EV drivers as possible on their experiences to make sure I get across the real picture. For example...
  3. Useful? web app giving UK EV owners access to nearby OLEV approved charge point installers

    Ice Breakers
    Hi, We have just launched ChargeBound, a quick and easy to use web app that helps UK EV owners to access, contact and order from local OLEV approved charge point installers. The website also includes a simple to use OLEV charge point grant check that allows you to check if you meet OLEV's grant...
  4. Future of EV

    Ice Breakers
    Hey! We are students at the Glasgow School of Art currently doing a project about the future of electric vehicles and their charging stations. We were wondering what wishes and fears people had about the future of electric vehicles and their charging points?
  5. A new premium 7kW home charge point available to preorder

    General Charging Discussion
    A brand new company Andersen EV is taking pre-orders for a very stylish home charge point available in different colours and configurations. Below are a few pictures from their website Premium Home Charge Points For Your Electric Car | Andersen Disclosure: I do not own the product myself, I am...
  6. Battle for access to charging points

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi Leafers! I live in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire close to M1 and Welcome Break services are located literally under my nose. However I can't get to their Ecotricity points without getting on M1. This would add about 30 miles to the trip and is simply illogical already having a side road...
  7. What type of charger would you like?

    Ice Breakers
    I work at Spelthorne Borough Council and have been asked to write a business case for installing EV charging points in Staines-upon-Thames. What kind of charger would you like (fast/rapid)? What charging model would you prefer (PAYG, or just paying for parking)? And would you use it if it was...
  8. Tekna tomorrow

    Ice Breakers
    My new car is arriving tomorrow! It's an ex demo Tekna 30kwh with a 6.6 charger. My husband is kindly collecting it from the dealers. Am finding all the info on charging points quite confusing. I live near Uckfield and will use the car to travel to Lewes, Brighton, Hailsham and Crowborough...