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charging problem

  1. MINI Countryman PHEV charging problem

    I've had my PHEV for a couple of months. Only this week the council have finally converted a lamppost outside my house to a charging point using ubitricity charging solutions - Easy and convenient charging for everyone I'm having problems with getting the car to charge and can't find a...
  2. Look what I did to my electric... :(

    General EV Discussion
    First Off, I might get banned for posting this. If i am breakin a rule Im sorry :frown2: not trying to :smile2: I made something I really enjoy so I figured Ill share it. It all started when we were bored today. It was raining... I cant drive my mustang in the rain because the tires are...
  3. Charging Nuisance

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hello all Got my Golf GTE only 2 weeks ago and I'm absolutely in love with the car! I have a slight issue when trying to charge the car. I plug the car in to charge (both at home on a single socket, and at work on a 16a commando outlet) and it charges to 5 miles and then stops. I then have to...
  4. Golf GTE fails to charge

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi to all! I am charging my Golf at home and also in the parking garage at work, in both places on the regular electric outlet (220V). I had no problem up until yesterday, when in failed to charge in the parking garage. It just wouldn't start. The electric outlet was ok, the leds on the adapter...