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charging stations

  1. Free Charging Stations for destination locations

    Charging Locations
    Hi all, Zero Carbon World have some single phase and three phase charging stations available for suitable destination locations (places with public parking and something to do while charging an EV) - so if you have a local destination/venue willing to install at their location (charging station...
  2. Charging stations uk

    General Charging Discussion
    This summer I'm going to travel along the south coast of the UK with my family in my Leaf 2018. Can anyone suggest what precautions I should make for being able to (rapid) charge my car? e.g. do I need to subscribe with a provider and get a charging card? This seems to be differently organized...
  3. Waze: Getting charge stations added

    General EV Discussion
    I know there are many on here who use Waze as their preferred sat nav. A long standing request has been to get charging points added to Waze. The folks who develop the app are influenced by the number of votes that each suggestion receives. Add Electric Charging station location info If you...