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  1. Charger backend cabling info

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi - new here, sorry if discussion topic already exists! Looking to installing some EV charging equipment for a business but want to make sure that I’m not getting ripped off by contractors bidding to do the work. When it comes to the cabling connecting to the building’s power, are there...
  2. Charging rate

    Tesla Model 3
    I'm still awaiting my home charge point so using nearby points. The first couple of times I plugged into a CCS Rapid and got around 43kW. Tonight the rapid was in use when I passed so I went to a twin outlet where both sockets are rated at 22kW. I thought I would be able to bump up the charge...
  3. Cardiff to Falmouth 24kw Leaf how good are the chargers

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hello Can anyone tell me how reliable the chargers are between Cardiff and Falmouth Cornwall. Thank you
  4. Supercharger Question

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Noob question here about my pending Model 3. It has a CCS port, but the top part of the CCS port is the Type 2 / Tesla part. Given that Model S's etc have only this part, does this mean that the Model 3 can use either charge cable at the Tesla Superchargers? And if not, why not? Many thanks
  5. Anyone else having problems with there dummy socket wall mount???

    General Charging Discussion
    Just ordered a dummy socket wall mount off amazon to keep my cable from breaking and pins getting damaged and i'm already running into problems, is anyone else having problems or is it just mine??
  6. Scheduled Charging - what am I doing wrong?!?

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Please help a new owner..... I picked up my used 7.5 Advance last week and loving it so far but i’m Struggling with the scheduled charging. What I expect should happen = with a schedule set and ticked in e-Manager I plug the car in and press the schedule button under the VW badge..... if the...

    General EV Discussion
    I am a student doing my GCSE's right now in England, and for my project I am thinking of creating a retractable charging cable (similar design to a retractable garden hose). So far I thought this would be a beneficial idea due to the following problems with current chargers: Having to...
  8. Charging and terraced housing

    General Charging Discussion
    I'm a journalist researching charging points and electric cars. I'm looking to speak with people who live in terraced housing and feel more needs to be done to improve access to charging points. My email is [email protected] If you're affected by this and would feel comfortable talking to...
  9. Charging in the current extreme heat - issue?

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    I noticed yesterday that despite my car being parking in the shade the 13A 3-pin plug charging cable (aka granny cable) kept disconnecting. My app and the car said it was connected but not charging. I reset the black box a few times but it kept doing it. Anyone else had this problem? It's...
  10. Problems charging iPace from 13amp 3 pin socket

    General Charging Discussion
    Occasionally it is convenient to charge using a standard 3 pin socket. This works fine at my house, my sons house and at the dealership. However at 2 locations, a holiday rental house and a hotel, the car did not get past the initialing phase and no charge was added. Does anyone else have this...
  11. Electrical Consumer Unit Refresh pre-charger install (sub main not needed?)

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I'm getting my Consumer Unit Refreshed before I get my charger install (FYI the charger will have 6mA DC protection built in). The Charger manufacturer suggests putting a submain in for it to keep the EV point away from the main house fuse board to alleviate any potential nuisance...
  12. Does Heat affect charging?

    Nissan Leaf40
    Yesterday, the weather was very hot - 35 degrees in the South East. I plugged my 40kWH Leaf into our home Pod 7kw charger as usual, at about 6pm, with about 25% charge remaining to charge overnight. To my surprise, by this morning, I had still not received the Charge Finished notification on...
  13. Cant charge at home 2014 Zoe

    Renault ZOE
    Hello, i just bought a used 2014 Zoe, but cant charge it at home, i keep getting errors, I'm using the Renault EVSE, and I live in a old building. What can I do ? I have heard that Zoes are picky due to earth connections, is there a way to fix it ? I have tried charging the car in my brother's...
  14. Battery charging losses?

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    I have been running various tests to try and establish the cost of charging, or more correctly re-charging, our Ampera - so far, I am only concerned with the amount of mains electricity that we use. Jane's daily commute is constant at just under 16 miles there and back; this uses 4.0 kWh of...
  15. Picturesque charger locations

    Kia Niro
    Britain's most picturesque electric car plug-in locations revealed | This is Money Has anyone charged at these locations? Do you have suggestions to add to this list?
  16. Superchargers Can Have Problems SHOCK!

    General Charging Discussion
    As a lowly PHEV owner I never charge at Motorway services. However with an eye to going on to a BEV next year I have started to take a direct interest in the main road charging infrastructure on a recent long journey. It seems to be as ragged as people say but I was impressed with the...
  17. Six Free Chargers in Festival Place, Basingstoke

    Charging Locations
    From Monster Makeover | Festival Place | Basingstoke | Hampshire : They are located on Level 5 of the car park.
  18. Adding charging point on garden shed

    General Charging Discussion
    I recently got a Leaf and now I'm thinking about charging options. So far I've been using the granny cable with a 13A rated extension cable (screwfix) plugged into a recently installed outside socket which is on its own dedicated radial circuit. I just ordered a toughleads cable with inline RCD...
  19. Want to buy a Zoe but concerned about charging noise

    Renault ZOE
    Hi all, Newbie here. I've been thinking about buying a BEV for a while, recently test drove the Zoe and a Leaf. I prefer the Zoe (will probably get a '17 or' 18 model). But I am sensitive to high frequency electrical noise, and am concerned that I might get annoyed by the charging whine from...
  20. Having a Disagreement with Mercedes Re-charging.... HELP Please

    General Mercedes EV Discussion
    We have a B250e and it's our first EV. When we first bought the car from Mercedes in Solihull, it came with a charger box that you could plug into a standard 3 pin socket at home. Charging time was as expected, around 9 hours for a full charge. I was under the impression (from many sources)...