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  1. Dead C-zero after only 6 years and 21k miles :(

    Ice Breakers
    My C-zero - six years old, 21k miles, full service history - has just died: the garage has said that we either need to replace the Compressor (part number 1611 082 480) or the Water heater (part number 1609 720 680) - after three hours of labour they will know which - and that replacing one of...
  2. Citroen C-zero charge rate

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I am hiring a c-zero in two weeks and I wondered if the c-zero is able to charge on a 22kw charger or if it tops out at 7kw and how long it takes to charge on these chargers? Thank you for any answers Sam
  3. Replacement key cost — eek!

    General Groupe PSA EV Discussion
    We've got a Citroen C-Zero and we've managed to damage the casing of the remote key fob; still got all the bits, just need a new housing for them. Turns out they don't seem to assist online, so I called at the Citroen dealer today, who wanted... wait for it... £196. That price doesn't include...
  4. Sold Today only: Peugeot iOn for sale

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi, here I have my Peugeot iOn 2012 for sale. Selling today only as otherwise it will go as px for my next EV. Last year I had a problem with charging but now it's OK for a quite while. The vehicle itself still under warranty for 18 months (5 years since new) or 20000 miles, whichever comes...