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  1. How many clocks?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    So I found out that the charge timer has a different clock to the satnav and the dashboard clock. At least the system warns you that they're out of sync. This photo was taken at 18:37 on Monday. My car had been having some work done on the high voltage systems, and this appeared when I went...
  2. Sudden clock drift: Leaf time (Auto) vs. Internet time

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Does anyone know how to make the Leaf synchronize its internal clock with the Internet (Nissan servers)? I thought that, with the "Auto" option turned on in settings, the synchronization was happening by default, all the time or at least very often. I have an Apple Watch, and I was pleased to...
  3. anyone thinking of fitting a clock in their Ion/CZero/i-miev?

    General Groupe PSA EV Discussion
    First posting on this forum, apologies if I make a mess of it! I've had my Ion for over two years now, and I love it deeply, but as all Ion/C-Zero/i-miev owners notice early on, our cars don’t come with a clock. I’ve looked on this and other forums but came up with nothing which ticked all my...