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  1. Corsa-E
    Hi all I've got a Corsa-e Elite Prem on order - since late last year - hoping to see it some time this year.. I ordered it in Quartz grey, but it has been changed to Crystal silver metallic - I'm told that this is because the factory producing the elite models (presumably now the ultimate...
  2. Ioniq 5
    I had a test drive in a "Gravity Gold" Ioniq 5 today. At least the salesman assured me 100% that it was Gravity Gold. Both my wife (who's an expert on colours) and myself told him quite firmly that the car was actually silver grey with not the slightest hint of gold. The Ioniq 5 configuator on...
  3. ZS EV
    We put our deposit down on an Exclusive on the 17 September, and as of yet our dealer Edens in Swindon has yet to get their demonstrator. So today we went to the 'driving electric' Showcase at Warwick to see a static display of electric and hybrids including a white Exclusive MG, so have now...
1-3 of 3 Results