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  1. 2.zero delayed...i knew it

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    First of all, i am in France. i did not want to believe, Nissan being a giant manufacturer with 3/4 plants for the leaf yadayada but it is real. They are delayed right now. My dealer just called me for the bad news. No information about why/when/how. He just received a new possible date ...
  2. ***Casting Call - Hyundai Ioniq Owners needed for Go Ultra Low online ad campaign***

    General Hyundai EV Discussion
    Go Ultra Low is looking for Hyundai Ioniq EV owners to take part in an online ad campaign aimed at creating awareness and offering information about electric cars. If you, or anybody that you know, might be interested in taking part please contact [email protected] with your name, a...
  3. "The technology works, it's here, it's now" says Quentin Willson

    General EV Discussion
    Motoring journalist Quentin Willson recently hosted an event encouraging fleets to switch to electric vehicles, whilst there he gave his thoughts on them..... Pictured below with Caroline Nicholls of OLEV. Read more below “The technology works, it’s here, it’s now.” – Quentin Willson on...
  4. EO Charging - Designed by you

    Groups, Gatherings and Regional Discussion
    Hi All, My name is Oliver and I am the co-founder of a new EV chargepoint manufacturer in the UK. First and foremost however, I am an EV driver, and our current team left their old jobs at existing chargepoint manufacturers with a vision to solve the problems we kept hearing on a daily basis...