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  1. Renault ZOE
    I want to try a new project , I want to try see if I can wire up the TCU in my Zoe (ZE20 / Q210 2013) so that it is always ready. That means that its always powered. So at the moment (and by design) it goes off when doors are locked or the cars electrics and dashboard and everything goes 'time...
  2. General Charging Discussion
    Is there a distance limit for the Zappi to be able to communicate with the hub. I am having a Zappi installed in my detached garage and it is too far away from my router to get a Wifi signal. So question is it best to locate the hub in the garage so it can communicate wirelessly with the Zappi...
  3. General Charging Discussion
    I have recently used 3 separate polar rapid chargers that all say my car is not compatible with them. It usually does the pre-charge checks, then gets to the communication part, then after about 20 seconds, it’ll come up with a big red ‘X’ on the screen, saying vehicle not compatible with...
1-3 of 3 Results