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  1. EV Lab - Experimenting with consumption

    Ice Breakers
    Hello from soon to be Kona driver from Denmark. Hopefully we receive it before summer. In the meantime I have been watching a lot of youtube about the Kona and other EV's. You often hear that a lot of things affects the consumption - like speed, temperature, heater/AC, incline aso. But how...
  2. Research

    General EV Discussion
    Hello! My name is Jack and I’m currently carrying out research for my dissertation with the University of Leeds. The research is around electric cars and I would be very grateful if you have a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. To complete it you need to be a UK resident, 18 or older...
  3. ZOE charging efficiency

    Renault ZOE
    After a long trip last night I returned home on about 2kWh remaining (R240) Range was showing at "--" and the red light was flashing - according to the trip I had used 20kWh. Plugged in at 0040 and saw an interesting consumption pattern: You see straightaway the step up to 1.2kWh when I...