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  1. General Charging Discussion
    Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked but I have had a look and couldn't find anything. I have recently switched to Octopus Energy, and they offer a discount for the EO mini pro. Installs from £369 for the non-tethered option which is my preference. I've received a quote from a company called...
  2. Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Less than 10p a mile, all-in. Can you afford not to go EV? Total Cost of Ownership for 28,000 miles in a used Leaf
  3. General EV Discussion
    Hi all Fuel Cost Calculator I am currently in the market for an EV and have created a simple excel based calculator to compare fuel prices between different cars and fuel types. From speaking to colleagues and friends I think there is a wide misunderstanding of the actual cost per mile and...
  4. General EV Discussion
    Hi, I'm doing a school project about electric cars and I would really apreciate it if you took a little time to complete my short questionaire. Gathering information is critical to my project. Electric Car Questionaire Thanks Tom
  5. Ice Breakers
    Hello everyone, I've just bought a hybrid (Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV) and I live in Dalston, London. To be honest I'm feeling a bit duped. I bought a hybrid because I didn't want to add much to London's pollution and I thought it'd be a more economical way of driving in the city. However it...
  6. BMW i3
    Hi, I'm interested in hearing from BMW i3 REX drivers about their first service. I had my first service (66 plate at 12,600 miles) yesterday for £399 (originally slightly more but I asked for some discount) which included: - Break flood change - Oil change, pollen filter... - Vehicle check (I...
  7. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Clearly the figures on the screen double count so are meaningless (if you use both fuels)... so I've worked out the equivalent cost of the electric (@13.5 p per kWh) in "petrol cost" and on my first half tank doing about half miles Elec I'm getting an equivalent cost of 55mpg. Do I get a prize...