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  1. Zoe hit my school bus

    Renault ZOE
    So basically the school bus reveresed into me. When i got out to check it had a HUGE DENT and then 10 seconds later whilst i was watching to take a picture, it poped out back to normal. My question is what is directly behind the bumper on the right side as i fear that due to the weight of...
  2. Goodbye to my written off I-Miev

    General Mitsubishi EV Discussion
    I only had my 9yr old 2009 plate I-Miev for 8-9 months, but it was an absolute adventure from the moment I collected it in Nottingham last year and brought it home to Scotland. After doing over 10,000 miles in it and pushing it too its limit in all weather and a daily 100 mile commute, it has...
  3. Should Tesla disable AutoPilot, after fatal crash

    General EV Discussion
    Reading the news today, I wanted to see what everyone else thinks about disabling autopilot in all teslas? As we have seen with uber, the autonomuouos systems are not up to the task yet. As we are all road users, I think that should be of concern to everyone on the road. For the purists, I...