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  1. Changing interior button lights/trim piece colors

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hey y'all this is my first time ever posting on here! My name is Mitchell, and I have a 2016 SL w/premium package and was wondering if anyone at all has tried to change the interior button lights like on the head-unit, window switches, and power button from orange to like white or blue? Also has...
  2. Looking for suitable motor for custom-built Formula Racing EV

    General EV Discussion
    Hello all, I am a member of the powertrain team for my university's Formula Electric Racing team and we are currently looking for a motor to power our rear wheel drive vehicle. I'm having some difficulty finding motors by just Google searching and was wondering if this amazing community has any...
  3. Custom Battery Project Progressing

    General EV Discussion
    My drive for work is 60 miles round trip. I have not been able to charge at work and my maximum range was 62 miles. This ran the battery down too far to leave a safe reserve of energy. I needed a little extra power to get around and to run lights, heater, etc. In the photo you see a...
  4. FFR 818 EV build

    General EV Discussion
    While bored one day I looked up EV custom builds. I happened across Factory Five Racing which produces the 818 kit car. Turns out a company called EVWest has already produced an EV conversion kit but all of this was on the other side of the pond so I doubted the pricing would work for the UK...