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  1. Peugeot e208
    When we had the old dot matrrix radios they would usually pan across so you get all the info. In my e-208 if the text is too long we just see an elipsis at the end. So for bands/singers with longer names I don't know what they're singing (esp when the radio station prefixes the text with Now on...
  2. Citroen eC4
    Alright guys 👍 Anyone know how or if we can add the dad radio logos to car display, i know of other dad radios able to do it?? notice classic fm showing logo so should be possible ?
  3. General Hyundai EV Discussion
    So I have the latest software on 10.25" screen, Kona EV. The radio display seems a complete waste of having the DAB station name large and the radio test crammed into the small section, is it possible to change this around?
  4. Tesla Model 3
    Hi all. I'm a week into owning my M3 Performance and loving it so far. This may be a stupid question, but with the DAB radio, would I be wrong to assume that instead of a grey box with the station name in it (in small font) I should have the media logo for the relevant station. Fairly small...
  5. Tesla Model 3
    So this may be a really stupid question. The radio? How do you switch between DAB and FM or does it detect that a station has DAB and automatically switches to it? Long story, after my V10 update the screen crashed while I was reading the release notes and when it rebooted the radio said it...
  6. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    I have only had my GTE (a one year old mk7,5) a few days and I realised I was only listening to FM Radio. I had spent too long playing with the gadgets and spotify on carplay and enjoying the hushed silence. So got round to programming the radio. But I have really really poor DAB. It's not my...
  7. General Mercedes EV Discussion
    I have noticed that a few people like me would like to have DAB on the 250e, but this is not an option if you have the radar assisted regen option. If you have MB Connect Online, then you can tether your phone to get internet radio, but this is not particularly easy and more than a little...
  8. First Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF24 & LEAF30)
    I ask because the Nissan website says "FM" radio. Hoping it's just a typo or something...
  9. First Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF24 & LEAF30)
    I get an annoying occurrence when listening to the DAB radio (Radio Four) on my 2016 Leaf Tekna. After a minute or so of listening a section of the spoken words are repeated '...a section of the spoken words are repeated...'. This then happens every couple of minutes. Is this a fault with...
  10. First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Hi! I've read that many others have these infotainment bugs. Where it resets randomly, stations stored dissappear. BUT thw worst thing is! What's up with the DAB unit? In my olde car with an aftermarket DAB I could get radios like NRJ Mp3 etc. Now I only get some basic ones? Is there some...
1-10 of 10 Results