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  1. BMW i3 broken rear boot glass.. and now?

    BMW i3
    Sadly, my wife's i3 is now in not very good shape. As a result of the rear bumper hitting a pole while parking, the glass covering the tail lights is now broken in a million pieces. The dent on the bumper is small enough to think that the impact has not been terribly bad, but yet, the glass...
  2. Goodbye to my written off I-Miev

    General Mitsubishi EV Discussion
    I only had my 9yr old 2009 plate I-Miev for 8-9 months, but it was an absolute adventure from the moment I collected it in Nottingham last year and brought it home to Scotland. After doing over 10,000 miles in it and pushing it too its limit in all weather and a daily 100 mile commute, it has...
  3. Post crash repair advice requested

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Today, just 3 weeks into owning my 15 plate Leaf, someone crashed into the back of me while I was sitting at the lights. It was a heck of a thwack - enough to set off the airbags in the car that ran into me, stoving in the front end and emptying the contents of the radiator on the road. The...
  4. Rare occurrence of a public charging station damaging a charging port? SemaCharge

    General Charging Discussion
    Greetings All, Didn't realize the port was damaged until coming back home and trying to plug it in... See pictures below... At the dealership now, they said part of the plug looks to be melted into the port and the assembly needs to be replaced, hopefully it'll get fixed under warranty ...
  5. Would the EV motor suffer any damge if raced from a cold start?

    BMW i3
    Does anyone know if the motor in an EV would suffer any damage it was driven hard from a cold standing start? (this is not a question about the battery). If you parked over-night at a motorway service station, got up on a cold morning (1 or 2ºC ) and drove immediately out on the slip road and...