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dash cam

  1. Dashcam mount

    Nissan Leaf40
    Has anyone got a nice, tidy installation of a dashcam despite the large cowl covering the mirror electrickery? I'd like something that's not as obvious as this attempt & doesn't take up quite as much of the windscreen. Is it possible to mount it under the cowl somehow? Photos would be much...
  2. Fitting a Dash Cam in a Zoe

    Renault ZOE
    Can anyone provide the links to the various post that exist for the Zoe. Im not wanting to fit a battery connected one, just use the cigar lighter plug. Is this vertually the same as on the Leaf, just using the plastic trim tools that cam with the Dash Cam and tuck the wires behind the...
  3. Installing dash cam invalidates warranty!

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Does anyone came across the Dash cam invalidates warranty message from the Service centre. I am in the process of doing a first service at 14k miles. Had an enquiry for installing a dash cam if the service centre will fit for me. They came back with a reply message as below: "...Unfortunately...