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  1. What have your Tesla seen? Share your TeslaCam & Sentry Videos

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Searched but didn't find a thread for this, Thought it would be fun to create a thread where others can share their Teslamoments. I'm new to the forum, from Sweden - Stockholm. Have had a Tesla Model 3 for 9 months, and have been hoovering the forum since then. I used to work with dashcams up...
  2. Model 3 dashcam - USB or SSD?

    Tesla Model 3
    Hi all, Just collected my Model 3 today. Wondering whether to use a USB for the dashcam and sentry mode or an SSD? What are you guys using? Any recommendations?
  3. Fuse Box Layout

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Spent some time yesterday trying to hardwire a dashcam only for the hardwiring kit to be faulty. During the install I noticed that the online manual doesn't list all the fuses in place or fuses that don't currently exist in my car. Does anyone have a resource for the full fuse layout or a...
  4. Finding a Reliable Dash Cam at the right Price

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Has anyone found a reliable, reasonably priced Dash Camera that has lasted more than 12 months before going on the blink. If so, what was the make and model :)
  5. Cut off voltage for hardwired dashcam

    Renault ZOE
    Hi Guys, As I said in my Icebreaker post, I've just installed a dashcam/reversing camera in a Zoe R90. At the moment it is plugged in to the cigarette lighter, but this cuts power shortly after exiting the car (as it should). The dash cam manufacturer (Auto-vox) makes a fuse tap kit to...
  6. Front and Rear Cameras like Nextbase Duo opinion

    General EV Discussion
    I have a front facing camera in my Ampera which works fine. After a recent 4WD tailgating episode I need to install a rear facing camera. Fitting one to the Ampera tailgate may be a constant problem with it moving due to using the tailgate. I have looked at the NextBase Duo but Im not convinced...
  7. Dash cams & 12V battery

    BMW i3
    I have front and rear dash cams i want to remove from my old car and put in the Rex. Am i right to think that these can be wired in to the normal 12V car battery system without needing any special BMW service expertise? I ran a portable air compressor from the car's ordinary 12V battery a few...
  8. Dashcam installed

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    So I spent this evening installing the 2 camera dashcam. It's a Lukas HD 7950, the one that doesn't have an LCD screen but instead connects via WiFi to an iPhone. I've had it about a year in the previous car and wouldn't be without one these days. I had read on the US Leaf forums about...
  9. Dash Cam Installation

    Renault ZOE
    Quick question for any 'techie' types on here. With the growing amount of idiots on the road these days I've taken the decision to install a couple of dashcams in my wife's two month old Zoe. I'm looking to hardwire these through the fusebox but the owners manual is mediocre at best in...
  10. Dashcam - has anyone made use of a rear-facing camera?

    Tesla Model S
    A lot of people here and elsewhere have installed front and rear cameras, mostly BlackVue or ThinkWare. I've seen or heard of video or reports of how useful the front camera has been but I don't remember any mention of useful info from a rear camera - which makes me wonder whether the...
  11. Replacing the i3's mirror (with an Android Dashcam)

    BMW i3
    I showed a few people this at the i3 meet up today & promised I'd do a short write up. The mirror on the i3 feels really cramped to me - so I replaced it with a £70 Android Dashcam. Old: New: Not quite taken at the same angle, but you get the idea. A bit more vertical space and a...