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  1. OBD/CAN for data logging

    BMW i3
    Hi everyone, I'm doing a graduation project right now. The goal is to predict the energy consumption of the i3 based on data about the infrastructure, weather, driving style etc. To validate my predictions, I'd like to make some trips with the i3 and measure my own speed and energy consumption...
  2. CarNet question

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi Sorry all this is going to sound like a really n00b question but I have read conflicting answers on how the car connects to the internet! My GTE is connected using a mifi unit when I am away from home, but it won’t last long without charge so have to turn it off when I go on holiday. It...
  3. Car-Net Mpg / Mi-Kwh Data available? POLL - (pls vote!)

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    JUST ADDED A QUICK POLL .. please please tick the box. Thx (y) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone tried to export your excel data in the wonderful Car-Net Web app recently? Seems like someone at VW has tidied the XLS sheet up a little, but a bit pointless...
  4. Introduction

    Ice Breakers
    Hello Everybody, Anzael is a software company specializing in data management solutions for Automotive aftermarket industry. We provide managed services to process & publish ACES & PIES data standard. We also have an e catalog solution to convert ACES & PIES data into standard & custom e catalog...
  5. Car-Net "long term data" resets after 99hr59m!

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    Don't know if anyone has noticed, but it's seems that the "long term data" kept on the car (and Car-Net) resets at 99hr59m .. WHICH IS VERY VERY ANNOYING!! :mad: Here's the XLS downloaded from Car-Net and it's showing that my mileage is 2707.9 but driving time appears to be 4days3hr59m :eek...
  6. Fiddling with the API / extracting data on your car

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I did a quick search and found a thread from 2015 but was wondering if anyone has had a fiddle with the unofficial Tesla API data that is around, one example of someone doing this here. I am a bit geeky and enjoy mucking about with stuff like this - I like the idea of being able to suck my...
  7. Android Apps for the Nissan Leaf

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hello, New leaf owner here. Can anyone advise what apps will talk to my 63 plate acenta? There's lots of threads from a year or so ago on various forums saying that nissan apps have been closed down. I'm unsure what info is current and what isn't. Also, does the car itself need a data...