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  1. Two is better than none

    Charging Locations
    A Rapid and 2 socket 7kW post in Dunstable, but only two parking spaces. Hard luck if a 3rd car pulls up, Could be a problem if 2 are using the 7kW as this locks out the Rapid. One has to wonder at the installer who did this. Note - doesn't really matter as the Rapid is a DBT and has been...
  2. DBT AC charging bug

    General Charging Discussion
    It seems that the DBT bug relating to not spotting a disconnected AC charging vehicle still happens, even with the Electric Highway software, and emergency stop doesn't work. I guess that in normal working hours, the people in the Electric Highway office probably spot these, and get the units...
  3. Explaining to newbies

    General Charging Discussion
    So I found myself at an Ecotricity charger today, having just plugged in my Leaf, and an Audi e-tron driver pulled up, plugged in and tried to authenticate to start a session. I thought of a rather good way of explaining the limitations of DBT chargers. "They're rapid chargers, they can only...
  4. Well done CYC (handling comms failures gracefully)

    General Charging Discussion
    Using one of @CYC's managed (fee-charging) DBT rapid chargers, the ominous "no network" icon in the top right of the screen was there. On Ecotricity's DBT chargers, that means limp to the next location, or flatbed time. No worries. It accepted the card anyway, and carried on in offline mode...