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  1. Are EVs and main dealers incompatible?

    General EV Discussion
    So what am I missing about how car dealers do business? Do they actually want to sell cars? Today I walked past my very local Bristol Skoda/Seat dealership, thought I'd see if they had a Mii Electric I could look at. I've wanted to go electric for years and as there's the possibility of a...
  2. EV Buying - help!

    General EV Discussion
    I'm really interested in buying an EV, and feel the time is right to move away from the traditional ICE we have all been used to.. Having looked into various Brands etc. I feel overwhelmed with the level of detail, and would really appreciate some guidance from EV owners, to understand what are...
  3. Renault Zoe: Air Con / Heater Dealership Warranty Nightmare!

    Renault ZOE
    Just thought I'd share the ongoing saga with my 64 plate Zoe. Sorry for the long rant but hopefully it serves as a warning to others if nothing else! It all started around September 2017 when the aircon made the dreaded loud rattle and hum when it was rapid charging or the aircon kicked in...
  4. Understanding fast chargers - when to give way

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    I'm a relatively new Leaf40 owner but I've obviously read up on battery tech. I had an interesting run in with a old Leaf24 or 30 owner who appeared at the Nissan dealership for a charge a few minutes before me. I noticed that this person start the charge at 49% and therefore I thought it...
  5. Nissan Dealership Blacklist needed for dealers with bad form?

    Site Feedback and Wishlists
    Have just read through this thread where some poor driver got supplied with the wrong car then experienced the dealer washing their hands of all responsibility. Nissan Leicester ordered the wrong car It leads me to ask, should we not be keeping a black list of dealerships with a poor record on...