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  1. General EV Discussion
    There have been stories floating around the community about the reluctance of some dealers to sell EVs, going right the way back to the EV1 and up to the recently revised e-Golf. I've heard about dealers not returning phone calls, not having cars available to test drive, not having a charged car...
  2. Audi A3 e-tron
    Last week I had do to some shopping beside an Audi dealership (in Markham) and thought to use their courtesy charge. I was told it was free and I wanted to take advantage of it. I had to have an employee take my car to the back (employees only area) where the charger is located. I did and an...
  3. First Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF24 & LEAF30)
    I came across this article today and it made me wonder whether any of the U.K. Buyers experienced reluctant or unhelpful dealers when trying to purchase their electric car... How Bad Was Nissan Dealer When Buyer Wanted A Leaf Electric Car? THAT Bad
1-3 of 3 Results