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  1. e-Niro low-speed (type 2) charging.

    Kia Niro
    This thread has been started for posts about low-speed (type 2) charging which we started to get on the thread about rapid charging. I was the guilty party so I hope will make amends. The first was this one: e-Niro rapid charging. Then: e-Niro rapid charging. e-Niro rapid charging. e-Niro rapid...
  2. Supermarket/car dealer/etc destination charger network reviews.

    General Charging Discussion
    Please post up your preferred supermarket or other business destination charger network reviews here.
  3. Where do people charge and why?? tell me your experience!

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi all on this great Forum, I am thinking of buying a Full Electric Vehicle: I have shortlisted the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf). I have three questions I would like to all people owning and driving an EV. Where do you usually charge your electric vehicle? Is there a particular reason you use...
  4. Theme Park Charging

    Charging Locations
    Hi, I'm George from POD Point and I help UK attractions install charging stations for visitors. I'm on a mission to make sure all major attractions have sufficient EV charging infrastructure; enabling you to visit and return to a fully charged car after your day out. It's important to...
  5. How to find hotels with charge points

    Tesla Model S
    What's your strategy for finding a place to stay where you can charge up overnight? I've started with Zap-Map, and searched for Type 2s in the area I'm looking for (Portsmouth, on this occasion) but they all seem to be in car parks rather than hotels. Any suggestions? I see Novotels and Ibis...
  6. Tesla destination charging

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Has anyone heard about or seen Tesla's destination chargers at hotels or other public places in Europe (including UK)? I think the program was supposed to start in Q2 2015 but I haven't seen -any- sign of it...
  7. Thank You Leicester - 80 (Yes eighty) charging points at Highcross

    Charging Locations
    Couldn't believe it. 80 13A charge points, free (pay to park), at Highcross multi-story. Parking "Electric Bay parking located on levels 1,2,3,6 and 7. " A few were ICE'd, but it would take some bad luck to find them all blocked! 13A is slow, obvs, but tbh if you are staying 3-4 hours it is...