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  1. What should I do about the diesel that’s sitting on the drive, rotting away?

    General EV Discussion
    When our main car was a plug-in hybrid and the second car was a rarely-used diesel, it was easy to decide to take the diesel out once every few weeks. When we did, it generated more pollution (especially urban), but the cost and economy weren‘t that much worse than the hybrid for all but the...
  2. What EV to replace an ageing Qashqai diesel?

    General EV Discussion
    My aging Nissan Qashqai diesel SUV is getting to the end of it's useful life. I love it - it gets me to and from work daily for a week on a single tank (about 600 miles), and allows me to cross the country to meet suppliers, customers and clients. As a contractor the reliability, and the...
  3. Ditching The Marine Diesel Engine, For An EV Life

    General EV Discussion
    Hi EVerybody, I'm looking into the most affordable route to get myself (and a friend in the same predicament), out of the Diesel engine doldrums, and onto an EV powertrain. The boat currently has a knackered (not currently functioning) old 55hp marine diesel engine, but I'd really like to...
  4. How long would a 300 mile trip take in the Ioniq, Leaf 40, or a diesel?

    First Generation Ioniq
    I put together some estimates on this; I'd be interested in your thoughts! Lets compare theoretical long journey times in the Ioniq, Leaf(s) and a diesel…
  5. 200+ miles hybrid advice please.

    General EV Discussion
    Just after a few suggestions... My mother is a volunteer patient transport driver in East Yorkshire. She picks up a variety of people (many with personal mobility issues) and takes them to hospital appointments ALL OVER the country (Newcastle,Leeds, Birmingham etc). She currently has a 3 year...
  6. Good news on EV whole-life emissions

    General EV Discussion
    Not least that the Grauniad deigns to publish an EV-positive piece Electric cars emit 50% less greenhouse gas than diesel, study finds
  7. Diesel scrappage, pollution and EV ownership on Radio 4's Today this morning

    General EV Discussion
    At 0740: "Theresa May has asked officials to develop plans to scrap diesel cars as part of proposals to improve air quality. The government is due to announce plans to comply with European Union legislation to improve air quality and meet nitrogen dioxide limits by April 24 following a ruling by...
  8. Oh the irony...

    General EV Discussion
    Wandered down the side of my local Sainsburys yesterday to look at the chargers. Two Podpoint posts, with one side of one of them out of action. No EVs there as the posts are feeble 7kW posts, of no great use unless you're planning on a 10 hour shop. Anyway, parked next to the bays (not in them...
  9. Volvo V60 D6 Polestar Diesel Hybrid

    Other EV Makes and Models
    Anyone out there with a V60 Diesel Hybrid? Here's my take...