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  1. Home Charging Installation
    I am looking for a tethered 32A EVSE for domestic use, ideally one where the cable cn wrap around somewhat neatly, While I don’t need full “smart” functionality, I would like to be ble to at minimum set a timer for overnight charging (Eco7/Octopus Go), without being dependent on the cars’ timed...
  2. Home Charging Installation
    We want to install an EVSE in the detached garage/carport. We will need to run a new supply to the garage as part of this, and I don’t want to use a 6 week trained OLEV grant exploiting “EV specialist”. At 30m distance on the plan view and at least 50m once routing via loft is taken into...
  3. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a type-2 to 3-pin charging cable / granny lead if anyone has one they no longer need. Must be Renault Zoe compatible. Thanks for reading, Elle
  4. General Charging Discussion
    Hi Just an update to our survey we did a couple of weeks ago about our new chargers. They are now approved for OLEV grants. www.evchargersdirect.co.uk Thanks, Chris
1-4 of 4 Results