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  1. Home fast charger

    General Charging Discussion
    Dear Forum; My first post here, hello!, I haven't an EV but thinking about getting on board. One question I have is about home fast charging, based on my expected usage I have been put off by the lengthy time to charge a vehicle at home and would like to have a 12 or 22KW DC system...
  2. Independent domestic power source

    General Charging Discussion
    This is not wholly related to EVs but extends the concept of off grid charging. It is really aimed at people with more scientific knowledge than I have. Say a house in the UK countryside had enough land and outbuildings to allow for a serious wind turbine and solar panel array; enough to power...
  3. New i3 owner looking for home installer options in Bucks

    Ice Breakers
    Hi Picking up an i3 this week (live near High Wycombe) and am looking for companies that install home charging stations in this area. Anyone recommend a qualified installation company ? Might not be a walk in the park since the garage is detached from the house (at least 10m away). At least...
  4. EO Charging - Designed by you

    Groups, Gatherings and Regional Discussion
    Hi All, My name is Oliver and I am the co-founder of a new EV chargepoint manufacturer in the UK. First and foremost however, I am an EV driver, and our current team left their old jobs at existing chargepoint manufacturers with a vision to solve the problems we kept hearing on a daily basis...