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  1. Peugeot e208
    Hi. New here. Couldn't open my peugeot 208e this morning with either key. Nothing happened at all. So I opened the app and set aircon off I the hope it would 'wake up' the car and it worked! Anyone else had this problem. Obviously going to be an issue if it happens somewhere there's no phone signal!
  2. First Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF24 & LEAF30)
    So in this better weather this last month too I have often opened my drivers side door for fresh top to bottom air while charging. However the car comes up with a dashboard warning door is open and beeps. Hitting the square button gets rid of the warning but the annoying beeps still continue. It...
  3. General EV Discussion
    Just came back home, left the van on, went into home to leave some stuff, coming back to the van - door is locked, van is still on. Any ideas how to get in without smashing side window? Having key with me in the pocket. When pressing the unlock button - orange light 'key' blinks on the dash
1-3 of 3 Results