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  1. Peugeot e208
    My Peugeot e-208 has recently gone over 10k and I've just started getting interrupted charge sessions. At first it started on the 7 kW home charger but I had it happen whilst on holiday in Scotland using ChargePlace Scotland 7kW charging and also a 50kW Instavolt charger. The problem appears to...
  2. Peugeot e208
    Hi, I am planning to use my Peugeot e-208 to carry bicycles on the hatch door. Thule has recently approved some models for the e-208 and 208, so that is great. However, Peugeot has no approved wiring loom for the e-208, only for the 208, and insists that loom is not compatible with the e-208...
  3. General EV Discussion
    Delayed charging/overnight is only working intermittently with 7kw Podpoint charger. Sometimes it charges fully from 00.30 sometimes it charges for an hour then stops, other times it does charge at all. Why does this happen? My electricity is supplied by Scottish Power.
  4. General Groupe Stellantis EV Discussion
    Fully charged launch review here... Peugeot e208 | Fully Charged
1-4 of 4 Results