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  1. e-NV200 radio replacement

    Nissan e-NV200
    I'd appreciate if those of you, who replaced original radio in e-nv200, share their suggestions of what radio to choose. What do I need to look out for, if I wish to keep original functions? What about the charging station search - are navigations set up to search for gas stations or can it...
  2. For Sale Nissan e-NV200 Acenta Rapid Plus 65 plate LOW miles

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Located London N7. £13,500 + VAT Top spec Acenta Rapid+, you shouldn't be looking at anything else for London driving (Plus = 6.6kW charger, Rapid = CHADeMO high speed charge port) with heat pack = heated streering wheel and heated seats (you'll need this in the winter). LOW MILES at 8500...
  3. When was the 40kwh pack put in the env200?

    Nissan e-NV200
    Hello, I'm looking at getting a env200 combi 5 seater but have been left a little confused as to when and what registration plates were the change over from the 24kwh to the 40kwh pack. From what I was reading in reviews and test drives the 40kwh would be in the 2018 models. But looking on auto...
  4. Which second hand EV?

    General EV Discussion
    Hello all, Thanks for any help or suggestions. Our Skoda Superb has been written off and we are hoping to take the chance to swtich to an EV. We have two young children (3) and (1) and would need the car to do regular 40 mile each way commutes. Around 4 times a year we do a trip to...
  5. Hello from Galway, Ireland. Hypothetical e-NV200 purchase puzzle

    Ice Breakers
    Hello all Looking for advice based on ye’er collective experience on whether the following scenario is even possible. I have the once-off potential to invest in a pre-owned e-NV200. For this to work for my personal circumstances I will need to be able to keep this van on the road for 15...
  6. Hi Everyone, thinking of purchasing a e-NV200.

    Ice Breakers
    Hi everyone, i'm Mark. I've been thinking about purchasing a Vito Tourer for a while, I've never had a van before and would really prefer the visibility of glass all round hence the tourer, but realistically at £25k+ it's too expensive for me. I would like an auto which is not an option...
  7. Wanted Nissan E-NV200 Tekna Rapid Plus Van with winter pack

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Good morning Looking for some help. Want to part exchange our current Citreon Berlingo 69k miles van for a Nissan e-nv200 tekna rapid plus (with winter pack). Struggling to find one at the price points mentioned in the forum. Local dealer is quoting "NEW £16359 + VAT and £55 reg fee with...
  8. Help needed to source the part

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    Hi all, Having a serious issue with my e-nv200. It's 3 months in the dealerships garage. All started when ABS (abs still worked fine, just regenerative braking gone) light in the dashboard appeared, and it was the time for an annual inspection. Took it to the dealership and been told that my...
  9. Nissan NV200 rapid plus for sale

    Nissan e-NV200
    2015 E-NV200 Rapid plus 5 seats 766 miles only £15,500 or nearest offer.